Feeling kind of blue

There are days where you wish you weren’t the fan of your favorite team. Don’t deny it. There are days when I look at ESPN and see how the Yankees and Mets,… well not this year, pumble every team. Sometimes you just want to branch out and look at things in another fans prospective.


The Twins – Tigers game was the most exciting game I have ever seen in my entire life. From
logo_territory_241x185.gifCarlos Gomez jumping like a ballerina, to the likes of Jim Leyland scorning with his tobacco filled face. That game was when I, Ted, wanted to become a part of Twins Territory. The Dome was packed, and there wasn’t a seat left in the place, as the Twins put on a show that wouldn’t ever be forgotten. The towels were waved, and the “al-co-hol-ic” chants spilled out of the obnoxious Minnesota crowd towards Miguel Cabrera. What a wonderful atmosphere.

Sadly, the Twins two – game winning streak was cut short to the infamous Yankees yesterday night. But that won’t stop the fight in the miraculous-crazy-energy filled Minnesota Twins from competing day in and day out.

What will?

Nothing. I hope that the Twins go all the way in the playoffs they deserve it. Feeling kind of blue right now due to the fact that the ill-fated Yankees had to stand in a teams’ way that was the Cinderella of this season. But don’t you see something here? In 2007 the Cleveland Indians were the Cinderella Central team that went all the way to the ALCS. David the Indians, sure did defeat Goliath, the Yankees when the Indians took the series in four games.

The over-paid, money throw away-ing, high payroll-ing, annoying (heavy breaths), piece of crap, no good, dirty, rotten Yanks are standing in the way of this David. Let’s go Twins, nothing can stop you. You have Ted on your side.

Go get em.




  1. Yankee Hater Hater

    Honestly, from one Ted to another (heh heh)…
    The 07 Yankees were much different than the 09 Yankees. I’m not sure about the Indians then, but in 07 the Yankees had a bunch of questions looming and I recall the Indians being favorites in that series anyway. If that series was a David v Goliath, then Goliath had a limp, and David had the BFG 9000.

    The 09 Yankees have no major questions looming, and have a sense of superiority thats been absent in recent years…and it doesnt hurt to face a team that youve practically owned all decade.

    That Twins/Tigers game was nuts though, exciting right down to the finish, but I think the Twins will lose tomorrow night as well. However, they’re the only team I can imagine getting excited about being down 2-0 cuz it means we’ll see the same Twins intensity they had down the stretch. They’ve played the last month with their backs against the wall and a sense of urgency, I’m not sure they remember how to play in a non-do-or-die game. Once that series gets to the Metrodome, it’ll kick up a few knotches, no doubt.

  2. TribeTed

    Matt: Who doesn’t love the Cinderella team? I know I do!!

    Jeff: Ha, only taking after the best! : )

    Aaron: The Twins are a team that shouldn’t have made the playoffs, and that is why I am happy for them. They worked doubly hard and got what they wanted. Iight I will stop by.

    YHH: You do make a ton of great points. You are right yes the Indians might have been favors to win the playoff series, but the Yankees are the Yankees haha. : )” If that series was a David v Goliath, then Goliath had a limp, and David had the BFG 9000.” You had me on the floor crying after that one! Stop by again, you are funny.

    Ha Emma, I only try my best! I am glad I am taking my blogging up to the next level. : ) I wish them the best of luck too! Go Twins.

  3. Buz

    Super Job Ted… : ) Yes, you’ve got baseball red stitching coursing through your veins… and .. . what’s wrong with that!! I’d like to see a close series from them at least. They came out strong and were probably worn down by the 4th or 5th inning. They’ll fight tonight.

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  4. mattpeas

    good to see your staying in the division to cheer for a team. my buddy is an Indians fan too, but he will not be cheering for anyone in the central. well personally i guess i could be cheering for the cardinals but in the NL i want the dodgers and the twins in the AL


  5. TribeTed

    Buz: I hope they do put up a fight, I have all my faith in them. Go get em Twinkies!! : )

    AZ: Thanks. We all love the underdogs huh?

    Matt: Your buddy must take alot of pain killers. : )

  6. TribeTed

    Cat: I could just imagine all the white and blue swinging around in the air like no other. : ) I wish I was there, believe me. Lucky….

    Peter: Thanks. I always love the influence. : ) Thanks for the comment.

  7. junojen

    I have to say that one of the best parts about being a Red Sox fan was being the underdog. Everyone loves the underdog (usually). Since winning two World Series, everyone hates the Sox and compares us to the Evil Empire.
    My only point here is that I am also rooting for the Twins. Not just because they are playing the Yankees but because they are exciting! They are the underdogs and I, for one, love to see David defeat Goliath no matter who is playing.
    And that 07 Indians team really gave the Sox a run for our money. That was an exciting series!
    BTW – how old are you???

  8. TribeTed

    jenn: thanks for the comment. I always enjoy the underdog myself. : ) And I am 13, and proud.

    Please email me a Ted’s Take question about anything in baseball, and I will maybe post it on Ted’s Take. : ) Thanks\\

  9. TribeTed

    Jennifer: Thanks, I love writing, I guess you can say it is a passion. I am aspiring to be a sportswriter, so thanks for the influence!! : )

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