Whatcha gonna do?

Well whatcha gonna do? As many of us may have seen on reports, Shin Soo
scotty.jpg Choo has hired Scott Boras as his agent. What was he thinking?

 Just for the record, he will be making another $3 million this year and will be holding out for the first time in his career. Indians fans, let’s give Scott Boras a round of applause.

*Photo via mensjournal.com*



  1. TribeTed

    AdrianGonzalez: There are more ways to take money from the Indians than you could possibly think of…

    Emma: It already happened can’t change that. But hey Choo’s gonna be owning 2 houses now, there’s a plus.

    HyunYoung: Hit that one on the head.

    Jeff: There’s always that upside that gets taken away.



  2. TribeTed

    ClevelandBaseball: I was saying that Choo will make another $3 million more than his normal salary. & yes he sure will be entering his first arbitration, and with Boras, you know he’s gonna win.

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