All of our teams have players that can consistently hit well or players that don’t make a single error. But to face the facts, we all have liablities somewhere in our lineups. You can’t deny it either. Every single team has a liablity throughout them. It just so happens that the Indians have well… in lack of a better phrase A TON! Baseball is a game of liabilities and the team with the least throughout the season wins.


Grady Sizemore just came off an injury infested season. His shoulder bothered him throughout his swing, and all he could do is pull the ball. If Sizemore doesn’t get back to normal, the Indians will be getting a chunk bit out of them this season. Grady needs to be the best he can be as a leadoff hitter, but in Acta’s case the 2 hitter. (more on this later) If he can’t produce, than the Indians offense I predict will slump with him.


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It seems as though when Sizemore is going good that the Indians offense follows I guess its like monkey see, monkey do, but that’s just me. Grady is definetely a leader in the clubhouse and really helps out the young guys. He steps up when needed and when he is healthy can give pitchers fits. But the liability behind the whole “package deal” is the fact that he strikes out too much, and no one knows where to put him in the lineup. At times he can go with little striking out, but in some circumstances he can strike out far too much which doesn’t seem promising.


When you put Grady in the leadoff spot, he is comfortable there and it seems as though he is more of a hitter. He takes the first pitch of the game so that he can see what the pitcher has and can feel better standing in the box than he would in any other spot in the order. I don’t like the 2nd spot though. Yes Grady can put a bunt down when needed to move a runner, and can also get things started, but he can’t hit the ball the opposite way. The biggest factor in this whole baffling process is that Grady can’t hit for contact. So the 2 spot is not for him.


But oh Manny Acta would like to differ. He thinks that Grady is a shoe in for the two spot and that Asdrubal Cabrera should be the leadoff hitter. Which brings me to another liability,… coaching. I don’t see why Acta thinks that Grady is such a wonderful 2 hitter. He strikes out way to much and like I said can’t go the other way while Cabrera can hit all fields and strikes out a miniscule number of times. I don’t understand the thought process.




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It’s almost like he’s thinking backwards. Already on my bad side, which is not good counting that we’re not even through the first Spring Training game this year. If anything at all Grady should be at the 3 or 4 spot but 2? What the heck is this guy thinking? Maybe he’ll figure it out during the season when the Indians aren’t producing like he “figures” they will.


I think the biggest liability in Cleveland right now is there young arms. Yes, Jake Westbrook is feeling healthy. And yes I am excited. But it all comes down to the same questions, “Will he produce?” and “Will he play through the injury?”. I would have to say he will produce for the pitching staff, but he’s not going to turn them into a team that is the top pitching staff in the league. Of course, he could come into the season and just stink it up. We don’t know what he is and isn’t going to do yet.


I think that Westbrook has a good chance of being the two guy in the rotation. Maybe others disagree, but until Westbrook proves me wrong, I think he should be glued into that spot. Acta probably disagrees, and that’s why I hate em. As long as Westbrook fights for a good season and gives us 9 or 10 wins, I will be proud to bring him back. And no I won’t bash on him if he doesn’t do so well, the guy is injured give him a break.


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Fausto Carmona also makes me wonder… where did this guy go? Now two bad years after almost being the Cy Young award winner in 07. I just wanna know how a guy can go from so good to so bad. His control was amazing during 2007, and during the offseason he got into some bad habits. He walks too many people now, and his sinker is finding it’s way up in the zone. He’s a huge liability and could be the difference in finishing last in the Central or 2nd (I’m thinking it’s gonna be close).


Suppose David Huff continues to pitch well as he did last year, and our bullpen does not let us lose an extra ten games, then I think that we’ll be okay. But these things are all liabilities and they could go in either direction. As you can see the Indians have many liabilities, suprise suprise. Let’s just try and cut back on a few heading into 2011. I might have a better attitude. Just put on your headresses and paint your faces like chief wahoo cause the seasons a’comin. Good luck, and until next time…


Go Tribe!!  



  1. TotalBases

    Odd what happened with Carmona… Seems like since the 2007 ALCS vs the Sox he has not been the same. I like Sizemore as a leadoff hitter as well. I don’t see Cabrera as a leadoff hitter, maybe a #2 hitter though. Thanks for coming over to, BTW.

  2. TribeTed

    Total bases: I don’t understand what happened to the guy, well I do, but I don’t understand how it could happen so fast.

    I agree with you. I see Cabrera as a leadoff guy but he is a better two hitter, and where else are you going to put Grady?! This is just what goes through my mind daily.

    I don’t understand Acta’s thinking patterns…

    Your very welcome, it is a good site over there. Keep on blogging. Good luck Sox.


  3. crzblue2

    Oh boy Ted! The season has not even started and Manny Acta is already on your bad side. I hope Acta gets his act together or else he will be hearing plenty of Ted’s take! I’ll be loking forward to more of your take.

  4. TribeTed

    Matt: I really don’t get how it happened so fast. He was so great in that 07 season, I guess it was too overwhelming. I mean the guy carried the load because he HAD to pitch good every game to keep the Indians in contention. (The Tigers were right behind em) and he carried the load in the playoffs.

    He was a big part of the team’s success in the playoffs and maybe it was too much?

    I really don’t see how his mechanics have gotten this bad?

    He used to keep his sinker in the dirt and now its at the batters chest, and you wonder why they hit it a long ways?

    He’s very disappointing to us Indians fans, when all we have is him in our rotation (but not this year, Westbrook’s back.) It should be fun watching him try to come back. it’s a new season, and we get to start fresh.


  5. TribeTed

    Emma: Acta is a very unlikeable guy. I mean I might come around to liking him, but with some of the moves he’s made…

    I just don’t understand what goes through his head?

    The facts state that Asdrubal is a better 2 hitter, and Grady is a better 1 hitter. I mean I understand he is trying to mix it up a bit, but not like this.

    I will be doing plenty of Ted’s Takes on him. You count on it.

    He did though teach Carmona to go from the 1st base side of the rubber to be more effective on hitters. I really like that idea.

    Maybe it’ll work.

    But until he changes the order back to normal, he is not my guy….


  6. TotalBases

    I agree. Eric Wedge seemed like a better manage for the Indians. I meant to comment on this last night, but they wouldn’t let me beacuse I had commented too much in a short period of time! 🙂
    Total Bases

  7. devilabrit

    I am not sure why Acta got the job even, his stats from the Nats should have prevented that… as for Grady, I am hoping he has a good year, I am putting him in the running for the AL MVP this year…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  8. TribeTed

    Jeff: It was some great year he had. It was amazing because he wasn’t even a .500 pitcher before that. But then he just lost it all.

    It was huge for the Indians that he was pitching like he was.

    But personally I think that if he can control his sinker, he’ll win a good 12-13 games this year.

    He is a good pitcher don’t get that wrong, but he just can’t find the strike zone’s at times and can’t really go 7 innings like he used to.

    Who knows baseball’s a fun game to watch.

    Maybe he’ll contribute.


  9. TribeTed

    Total Bases: Eric Wedge was a dang fine manager. I was very much so behind his firing though.

    The Tribe wasn’t getting anywhere and they needed a new guy in for a coaching job.

    It’s a shame that they couldn’t get someone a little better than Acta. I was hoping it was someone that played for the Tribe in the past.

    But hey, I’m not complaining, Acta’s not a bad manager I just plain out don’t like em.

    Ha it’s okay that you didn’t comment at least you did today.

    Thanks for stopping by, can I have a name?


  10. TribeTed

    Peter: We both agree that Acta isn’t the guy needed.

    But that was the GM’s job. and the deal is done, there is nothing you or I can do about that.

    I do think though that Acta has some brains and will help this team’s younger guys because he worked so much with them in Washington.

    He’s used to losing though, which I don’t like.

    I don’t know if I’d go as far as that, but I think that Grady could put up a good argument as the best Centerfielder in the AL.

    If he contributes like you say he will, the Indians will be a darn good team.

    But that’s just an opinion 🙂


  11. indians

    It’s too early to even think Acta isn’t the guy. They are putting Grady in a spot where he can drive in more runs. How many times does Grady come up to the plate with no one on? A ton. Cabrera, if you watched the games, is very capable of leading off. He did so last season. He get’s on base at a high percentage. So far, and it’s early, I like what Manny is doing.

  12. TribeTed

    Aaron: That’s your opinion of the guy. I personally don’t like him and yes, I can think that.

    Grady in the two spot doesn’t make any sense. Your gonna have Cabrera getting on and grady not being able to move him.

    If they were to put him in a place where he gets more RBI’s than don’t you think you’d put him in the three or four spot? The two spot is odd.

    Cabrera hit higher in the two spot last season. If we keep him there, than he doesn’ t have to change.

    Manny Acta isn’t a bad coach I just don’t like em.


  13. TribeTed

    Jeff that is very true. The Indians have sadly died by the sinker.

    Fausto just doesn’t have the control he used to.

    By the way, the Indians spring training game is one! It is 4-0 Indians! I’m sorry to say but I am so excited for this season to begin.

    Hopefully Fausto can change his mechanics. I think that Acta will help him in doing so. At least I hope he does.

    Masterson is pitching a gem


  14. raysfanboy

    I don’t care where Sizemore hits, as long as he produces fantasy points! I drafted him #1 last year and I lost the championship because of a tie-breaker. I imagine I’m the champ if I have a healthy Sizemore in the lineup.

    I don’t understand why the Indians would have signed Acta. He just isn’t that good. What a shame that his leaderhip could cost you guys a bunch of wins.

  15. SLY

    You can’t blame Acta when he was in DC. Managers are only as good as the players they write on the lineup card.

    I hope that hitting Sizemore second is a joke.


    The Three Bs

  16. TribeTed

    Raysfanboy: Haha exactly.

    Well when your an Indians fan, it’s about more than fantasy points, lol.

    Grady will in fact produce and if you get him persay in the second round like i did in fantasy, consider yourself lucky!

    He will be a big producer this year.

    You are exactly right, a healthy Sizemore = a healthy championship fantasy team.

    You make some great points. I don’t see why Acta was called on either, but a coach is a coach.


  17. TribeTed

    SLY: Yeah he did have a bad team, but he also is used to losing, which I am not a fan of.

    He does have his good times, but also his bads.

    I know that we aren’t far in the year but I am not a big fan of him replacing Wedge.

    Wedge had alot of respect and was a big guy in the organization. With him gone, it will take alot for Acta to earn as much respect.

    I’m pulling for the guy though.

    That’s exactly what I said “Sizemore hitting second is a joke right?” I guess not.

    Sadly but surely he is the two hitter.


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