One and done let’s just quit the season!

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The Indians just won their first Spring Training game of the season 9-2. Shocker, isn’t it? The Indians hit well thanks to their new hitting coach and Lou Marson had one heck of a game. Throw in a couple well alot of extra base hits and you have a huge win for the Indians. But it’s Spring Training.


When I think about the multitude of players contributing to the win yesterday, I become apolled. It’s amazing how many players had great games in their first game of the year. Yes I know it’s one game, but it was the first of a long season ahead. And many players out there had integrity and looked like they had a burning passion to play ball. But most of these guys were younger guys trying to make the team.


Manny Acta had a comment after the game saying “We swung the bat well, but that’s already there.” I don’t know where he’s coming from. Yes the Indians do have a great young lineup but I don’t remember anything from last year or the year before that where the Indians always “had the hitting there.” I do agree that they put on a circus show in their game yesterday, but I don’t think that they had the hitting there the whole season last year.

Yes there were bright spots in which I did say that “the Indians had the offense down pat” but those were at certain times. The offense wasn’t there as a whole last year as Acta is claiming to. But that’s his opinion, and for all I know he might be right. They hired a new hitting coach in the offseason, the hitting coach from Columbus who is said to be an outstanding coach. He is working with everyone on their swing.


For all you fans that said that Asdrubal should be the leadoff hitter, I am thinking maybe you are right. He hit a homer in his first at bat, and really works the pitchers well. I do agree with you on that perspective, but where my friends will Grady go? This is a laughing matter. There is no possible way he is going to maintain the two spot all year. He has to be moved to the three or four spot.



(Image via Let’s Go Tribe)

I thought that Grady did pretty well in his first game I have to admit. Rick Manning commented saying that “The team builds off of Grady”. Where have we heard that one before? I think I remember saying that about a few days back. Grady does give the team a discharge that they use to get on rallies. I do think that with a healthy Sizemore, a good team comes.


And no I’m not saying that we are going to win the Central, I’m just saying that we aren’t going to be a basement dweller if Grady has a good year. But the first step in making this year a good one, will be for Acta to take him out of the two spot. It is the best thing for the team right now and for the next step forward.  


My personal thoughts on this situation are bring Brantley up in the opening day lineup. Put him first, Asdrubal second, and Grady can go in the third or fourth spot. But that’s just my opinion. It does make sense though on a degree. Brantley can hit all pitching and is just as effective as Asdrubal Cabrera is plus Brantley can steal 30 some bases in a season. The move for Asdrubal would make sense because numbers prove that he is a better hitter in the two spot.


asdrubal baserunning drills.jpg

(Image via Let’s Go Tribe)

But let’s lose the argument. It was a sunny, warm, humid day in Arizona. And when I got off of the bus from school, I ran home to turn on the game. It was a very exciting one if you were an Indians fan, not so much if you were a Reds fan. Back to the drawing board I guess. I saw fans that had no shirts on, sandles, and bathing suits. That’s the life eh?


Indians baseball is back for good. At least for the whole season. I craved it during the offseason and had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t need it. But it’s back, and this sudden urge of baseball makes me want to scream. It’s time for the sun to come back out, weather to reach the 70’s, and ESPN to air those Sunday night baseball games. And with Indians baseball comes more speculation and more questions which I love.


And what better than to start the season (well Spring Training that is) off with a win. Why don’t we just quit? Don’t worry fans I am just kidding. But if the Indians were to quit then well… They would set a record. A record that well, we would always hold and cherish. We would go undefeated in a season. Yes we would be accounted better than any of those 90’s teams that were amazing or any of the teams in the 50’s that were ridiculously talented.


Too bad we can’t just quit. But then baseball would be gone, and I would be bored once more. Good thing we’re not. I did hear a comment yesterday on the climate in Arizona, “It is harder to pitch in Arizona because of the humidity. The ball is slick and you can lose grip easily.” That can’t be too good for pitchers. But I guess Justin Masterson is slick proof. And guess what, Bob Feller was at one of the practices. Maybe Bob let Justin in on a few of his techniques? Possibly so.


Bob Feller.jpg

(Image via Let’s Go Tribe)

But Justin pitched a heck of a game yesterday as he single handedly lead the Indians to a 9-2 win over the Reds. Justin went scoreless giving up one hit and gaining three strikeouts. He looked like his movement was back, and that he could put the ball wherever he wanted to. I can’t describe how he pitched in words you can understand. He came out and threw the ball like a man.


Well, Indians baseball is back on the globe and with Indians baseball means more of my thoughts and more of my anger towards the team that I love. It’s a shame that Walt Jocketty had to go on the air yesterday and embarrass himself. He didn’t seem like he was ready for his interview.. “I, I um think that the uh Reds had a um good offseason you know? Uh, we um, got Cabrera and he has showed us what he can, uh can do. So I …. *pause* I uh think we have a good um what’s that word again? Oh yeah… team.”


Walt Jocketty.jpg


Oh you forgot about that? Okay Walt. At least Mark Shapiro can talk to the public. On a brighter note we won and the baseball season has begun for us. I hope that we can keep it up today. Here are the lineups via Castroturf:


INDIANS (1-0): CF Michael Brantley, 2B Mark Grudzielanek, DH Shin-Soo Choo, 3B Jhonny Peralta, LF Nick Weglarz, RF Austin Kearns, 1B Andy Marte, C Wyatt Toregas, SS Jason Donald. LHP David Huff.


REDS (0-1): CF Chris Dickerson, SS Orlando Cabrera, 1B Joey Votto, 2B Brandon Phillips, 3B Scott Rolen, RF Jay Bruce, LF Jonny Gomes, C Corky Miller, DH Devin Mesoraco. RHP Johnny Cueto.


Make sure you tune in for the game on STO or Fox Sports Ohio. It shall be another good one, and I will make sure to get a post on it. I am so proud of the Indians on their opening day in Spring Training. They are looking pretty good (*knock on wood*). Hopefully no hexes get us *knock on wood again*. Let’s just hope we can
OldClevelandIndiansLogo2.jpg keep this up. Until Next time…


Go Tribe! 



  1. ryancline

    What do you think of Manny Acta as the new skipper? I am not sold on him, but maybe that was because he was in Washington. Asdrubal would be a great leadoff man in my opinion. I saw him play a few games at the AAA level last year and reall yliked what I saw. Good luck for the upcoming season and hopefully the Indians and the Braves can return to form

  2. azinneck

    Your Indians had a great game yesterday — my guys left a lot to be desired. But it’s early…we have time to improve…(I’m trying to be positive).
    I have to agree with you about that I am just ready for warm, sunny, summer days with baseball games. Until then, we get to enjoy the meaning-less games and try to project our team’s success from what they show us. Also: GO REDS πŸ˜‰

  3. TribeTed

    Ryancline: I think he has a good understanding of the game, and that he will know what to do when the situation is right.

    But I just don’t see Acta in being the answer for the long term.

    Yes he is a decent coach, but why not hire someone that can be here for at least 5 years and will continually produce good seasons.

    I know that Acta is used to losing, so I don’t like that.

    Also yes Asdrubal can be the leadoff hitter, but my point is, where to put Grady? It’s all like a puzzle, and Asdrubal I think has found his spot in the puzzle.


  4. TribeTed

    Azinneck: We did have a good… heck we had a great game yesterday!

    I’m glad your trying to be positive, and I think that the Reds do have a lot of time to improve.. How about that lefty that came on in what the second or third?

    What was his name?

    That guy was stellar and had a sick curve. That was about a 9 to 3 curve. I mean it was nasty.

    I think that the Reds can really turn it around with Cabrera now in the system.

    Haha I like your attitude. Good luck to the Reds,

    Let’s Go Tribe! πŸ™‚


  5. TotalBases

    Thanks for leaving a comment on the mailbag Ted. I will answer that on Sunday for you. I think the Indians have a good oineup with Sizemore, Shoo, LaPorta, Cabrera, and Branyan. It’s the pitching that worries me with the Tribe. What do you think of Trever Crowe? Will he get a chance?

  6. indians

    “Also yes Asdrubal can be the leadoff hitter, but my point is, where to put Grady?”

    Grady has found his spot in the two-hole. That is where the Indians want him because of his power and his run production. Now, he has Asdrubal in front of him to get on base. Believe me, There is nothing to figure out. Before the move, Grady would start the game with no one (0) people on base. He will now have Asdrubal to drive in, if he reaches base.

  7. indians

    Sorry for being so critical, but there is no way that you already know that Manny isn’t the guy or not. There is nothing to base that off of. He has way, way, way more to work with in Cleveland than in Washington. So, his record is irrelevant because of the talent, or the lack of talent, he had in Washington.

  8. TribeTed

    Ginny: that’s exactly why I posted it. Yes Walt Jocketty is a very good GM, but public speaker.. um… nah!

    I kind of made him sound BETTER than he actually was.

    YES I did stretch a few moments, but overall that’s basically what he said.

    And for the Indians *crossed fingers* hopefully they can keep this going. *fingers uncrossed*

    Sorry I had to put the asterisks in for dramatic affect.

    You know how that is.



  9. TribeTed

    Total Bases: You said Shoo haha did you mean to say Choo? I sure hope so.

    Well thanks for the thanks on leaving the comment on the mailbag.

    I think it’s a good thing to have one.

    I don’t know about Trevor Crowe. He is a good hitter and has speed. But last year he didn’t really show me that he could be a big league player,.. yet at least.

    But he’ll come around i’m sure.

    Thanks for commenting.


  10. TribeTed

    Indians: sorry about the game. I didn’t know that the game wasn’t televised. I was wondering because it wasn’t on STO like normally.

    Grady at the two spot has to be a joke.

    I don’t know where your coming from, but the guy is not a two hitter. Two hitters aren’t supposed to be power guys.

    They are supposed to be hitters who constantly get on and hit for a high average.

    Grady’s OBP isn’t too high.

    I’m not saying that he isn’t a good hitter or player because he is amazing. Just the two hole is for hitters that can get on base and Grady hits for power and has speed.

    It’s an odd combo, so I don’t know where you put him. Its the one spot or three or four spot in my eyes.

    Maybe not yours, but in mine it is.

    As for Acta. I don’t like what he did with Grady but the guy is a good coach. When I say I don’t like em, I mean that I don’t like how he does his job or some moves he makes.

    I do respect him as a coach though, and he does make some good decisions.

    So I am not saying that I don’t like him off of the bat.

    I am trying to put an image in commenters heads that I don’t think that he should be making these decisions.

    This is what I think. This is what I love to do about blogging. Trying to answer a question.

    Feel free to keep on putting your input in.


  11. indians

    Jhonny Damon and Aaron Hill both were two-hole hitters in 2009. Damon hit 22 homers in the two-hole, and Aaron Hill hit 36 homers in the two-hole. Grady has a career .367 OBP compared to Aaron Hill’s .337 OBP and Jhonny Damon’s .355 OBP. Grady would fit the bill to hit in the two-hole. If you don’t think he should be in the two-hole then he shouldn’t be leading off. Those guys should have a high on base percentage, high average and NOT typically hit for a lot of power. You are right that he would slide to the three hole naturally, and I would agree with that, but the two hole isn’t a bad spot for him. Also, typically your three hole hitter is your best hitter, which Choo could make a solid case to be that player. (avg, obp and speed etc) In the end, I don’t think it makes that big of a difference where you put him. He could could hit anywhere in the lineup and be fine. This gives him an opportunity to hit with someone on base, unlike when he’s leading off.

  12. indians

    Carl Crawford is the Rays two-hole hitter. According to you, he wouldn’t fit the prototypical two hole hitter. He has speed and power. Michael Young of the Rangers, and don’t forget about Shane Victorino of the Phillies. πŸ™‚
    I think the move makes the Lineup longer because of Choo hitting behind Grady, and then having Travis behind Choo. Teams would love to have a top of the order with Cabrera, Grady, Choo and Travis. How many pitchers dream of facing those top four? Not many especially when they are all healthy.

  13. TribeTed

    Two hitters could be power hitters, but they are meant to be hitters that can hit for high avg’s and don’t strike out. Grady does have an okay OBP but he strikes out way too much.

    I don’t think he should be leading off either. Once again, he strikes out way too much.

    And that’s why he would be okay in the three or four hole. If you put him there, then he can strike out w/out any1 really caring.

    Three holes are for guys that have slower swings but hit the ball in the air.

    There isn’t a three hitter in the game that can’t hit the ball in the air.

    Besides Todd Helton, most three hitters hit the long ball readily and have slow hands while striking out a pretty good percentage of the time. Albert Pujols also does not fit this category.

    Yes not all three hitters fit this description but you do know that most do.

    As for Choo, I almost think that it would be better for him to hit second. He is a great hitter. Yes he is a much better three or four hitter but he fits the two hole better in my opinion.

    He rarely strikes out, and he always puts a good swing on the ball.

    That’s a guy you want in the two spot. Once again and I’ll say it again, he is a very good three hitter. But he is more of a line drive hitter.

    How many of his homers do you see way in the air?

    Not a majority.

    Most are hard line drive shots that get out of the park pretty quickly. Correct me if I’m wrong but he would fit that spot perfectly.

    This is the reason Brantley should come up.

    If he were up he could hit leadoff, with Asdrubal two, with Grady three, with Choo four. The spot that are speculated could be filled. You make some strong points.

    But I think it has to be my way.


  14. TotalBases

    I like the Indians lineup with Branyan, Sizemore, Shoo, and LaPorta. I only reason I don’t see the Tribe going anywhere is their lack of pitching. I’ver never had much doubt about the offense.
    Total Bases

  15. devilabrit

    Everyone is entitled to be an armchair manager… me i think Sizemore would be better suited to the 3 hole… as for ‘indians’ comment on Victorino being the 2 hole for the Phillies, this was nothing more than no one else available, at times the line up was switched around, even Werth hit in the 2 hole at times, but now we have Polanco, so Victorino will be moved down the 7 hole hitter….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  16. savagetruth

    Best line in this post: “He came out and threw the ball like a man.” Haha. You crack me up Ted. Masterson did look good, as did Laffey. What I really like is that in these first 2 games, I think the Indians have only walked 2. Walks were the biggest problem for the whole staff last year, but especially for Laffey and Masterson. Not too sure about Rafael Perez, I saw him strike out a guy on that big outside slider of his but I feel like the problem is that guys in the majors don’t swing at that thing anymore. The offense was none too great last year, but most of that had to do with Grady’s injury, and Cabrera was out for a while. If Sizemore, Choo and Cabrera can stay healthy the offense shouldn’t be an issue. I was with you on Brantley, but I’ve come around to not hating the Branyan at 1b, Laporta in the outfield lineup. That’s probably a stronger lineup than having Brantley in the outfield. Branyan/Marte platooning at 1b could hit 40 HRs, which is about 40 more than Brantley would hit. It depends on which version of Branyan shows himself this year, and Marte. Either way, Brantley could use some more time in the minors, and the major reason for holding him back is they get an extra year before he’s arbitration and eventually free agency eligible, even if they call him up in June.

  17. indians

    Choo struck out 151 times. “Its the one spot or three or four spot in my eyes.” “I don’t think he should be leading off either.” You can’t have it both ways. Like I said though, It’s not a big deal because he can hit anywhere. I agree to disagree.

  18. savagetruth

    yeah man, I like Choo but he’s another strikeout machine. He could compete with Ryan Howard in a strikeout contest. Branyan however would crush them both. Grady’s no slouch either in that department. Like I said before I would put Choo 2nd and Grady 3rd, simply because it gives Sizemore more RBI opportunities. But I don’t think it’s a huge deal. It’s probably not worth arguing about, there’s isn’t a great deal of difference between Sizemore and Choo, Sizemore’s bunting ability and speed probably make him more ideal for the 2 spot, but his power makes him better for the 3, Choo’s on base ability makes him good for the 2 spot, but his strikeouts don’t. It’s pretty much a wash, Sizemore has fewer RBI opportunities, but if Cabrera gets on base to start the game, Sizemore’s probably better than Choo at moving him over.

  19. TribeTed


    Thanks alot for the comment. It means alot for you to come on my blog and comment.

    You know alot about our Indians!

    If the Indians can walk two more batters in the next two games, then you have me convinced that the Tribe is set for the rest of Spring Training.

    If pitchers (Carmona) can not walk as many hitters, then I think we might have a halfway decent pitching staff.

    Hey, if we give up 4 runs a game Manny Acta’s lineup that he claims “is already there” will win it for us.

    Easy as that.

    I really like your idea of platooning Marte and Branyan. In fact I am going to do a post on that.

    thank you for that idea. That was the most intelligent idea I’ve heard in awhile. You really do know your stuff as I said earlier.

    If Brantley can come out of the gates like he did last year, then I’m convinced that he’s the leadoff hitter.

    But he can slow down.

    Choo is a strikeout machine at times. I think he went more for homers last year.

    He needs to work out his swing and lose the uppercut. He needs to develop his swing into a smooth line drive stroke and will then be able to be a great hitter.

    He already is don’t get me wrong.

    The only thing that I don’t like about if Sizemore went to the third spot would be that he wouldn’t be able to steal.

    You can’t afford to try to steal after you reach base when the four hitter is up and then watch him hit a solo shot.

    So that wouldn’t be a good thing. He would cut back on running. But with Acta I don’t know for sure whether this team will be a fundamental running team, or a sloppy power hitting team.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Please stop by again.


  20. TribeTed

    Peter: Thanks for the backup πŸ™‚

    I do think though that if Sizemore were to hit in the three hole, just as I said he wouldn’t be able to steal as much.

    Which would pose threatening to his stats and maybe to the team.

    It would change this team as a whole.

    I do think though, he should be definetly shoe in for the one spot.

    Idk why he got moved.

    I think at times we overlook the fact that just noone’s available for certain spots like you said for the Phillies.

    You are absolutely right.


  21. TribeTed

    Total Bases: You agree with me on the pitching for sure.

    The Indians are not gonna go anywhere until they get their rotation filled out. Yes we do have some questionable good pitching, but we aren’t good 1 to 5.

    Our bullpen was horrible last season and we gave away too many games.

    I do see though the lineup is improving.

    They are getting better and I have to say that whether I believe it or not.

    Thanks for the comment.


  22. TribeTed

    Indians: I don’t think he should be the leadoff hitter, but if he had to be 1 or 2 than I would choose one.

    That was what I was trying to say. I’m sorry u didn’t comprehend it.

    And I know I can’t have it both ways.

    Grady can’t be the two hitter either way. That’s just how it has to be. It can’t be him in the two hole. It’s just not going to work.

    I also agree to disagree.


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