Contention Time?



With the Indians and their awful pitching and bullpen last year, it was hard to swallow in the offseason and try to move on to Spring Training. But we did it. And I do think that if this staff gets better with a halfway decent bullpen, we can win the Central.


Yes fans, I did say a few posts ago and I still have a gut feeling that my Tribe has no chance of contending, but then again who is in the Central that really “wow’s” you and makes you think that everyone will be forming a line behind them? The answer is no one. The Twins were favored, but then Nathan went down. Now it’s anyone’s game to take home. This is going to be an interesting year.


Reasons we can contend: We have a good offense. We are young, and have full potential to hit at every position. Yes we will have our team slumps, but together we have a team that has a new hitting coach, that focuses on smooth swings and lives and dies off of working pitchers. I do think that this is an upside to our offense. No more dilly-dallying around. We are getting straight to business and straight to the point.


One of the reasons that we faultered last year was that Grady was injured and missed a good chunk of at bats. This really sunk our ship, and we slumped because of this loss. I think with a healthy Grady, and with Branyan in our lineup, we will be the most feared offensive team in the Central. I think 1 through 9 in our lineup can hit the gaps, and I think that we have the possibility of being in the top 5 in the MAJORS in extra base hits.



Luis Valbuena will be carrying that load by constantly hitting the gaps and circling the bases. I really like this kid, and if he can hit 7 homers and eh have maybe 60 or so RBI’s which he is capable of, I’m happy. Because his gap hitting power will always be there, and he will always score a good 60+ runs for us. I really like our chances in the Central.


We don’t have 5 clear spots etched in stone that are going to contribute on the mound, but when your the Cleveland Indians, if 3 of those guys don’t work, we have about another 5 in line. Just think about it, we have so many average minor league pitchers that we can bring up if our rotation isn’t contributing. It could be alot like “Guess Who” but you never know. We might find the guy that just might fit. Kind of like the Orioles did last year.


We could have a Brad Bergesen awaiting somewhere in the minors. I think the big contributor to this team is going to be their bullpen. If we keep a strong and consistent bullpen, this team will be alot of fun to watch. Just like in ’07 when the team had a ton of walkoff hits, we could do the same this year. We just need our bullpen to put up solid numbers, and we need inherited runners to not score.




I have been saying this the whole time, Tony Sipp is the man that I think might be the best relief pitcher on our team. Last year he hardly let inherited runners score, and he constantly got big outs when he needed. This could be contention time for the Cleveland Indians. We have most of the tools, and we cleaned house. Plus we have such a great ballpark and great fans. This year could be a whole heck of a lot of fun.


The Twins aren’t a team that we need to keep a huge eye out for anymore. Since there best pitcher is gone, they are going to be in panic mode. Yes there offense will still have a strong core, but their pitching will go down the drain. I would compare them to us this year, I don’t think that they will be any better though do to their loss of Nathan. I think if Mauer plays better than he did last year, then the Twins might win the Central over us.


we win!.jpg


But this speculation is fun. Who knows who could win the central. The Royals have a great pitching staff with a poor offense, while the Tigers have a decent offense with questionable pitching. Every team in the central has at least 3 or 4 flaws in them and could easily win the division. If the Indians want to win it though, they need to come out from the start hard and looking to win the central. The Tribe needs to work the counts, get good pitches, and steal bases.


That is another thing on my list that I forgot to mention. The stolen base part of the Indians game. With Choo, Cabrera, Sizemore, Valbuena, and Brantley able to steal bases, the Indians will definetly get into scoring position more often. We will see more RBI’s by the power hitters for sure this year, due to the reason we will be taking off more so than not. I think that if we swipe a good 80+ bags this year, we will have more productive numbers from guys in the lower spots in the order. And that just juices up the stat line, and the run production.


This year is going to be very lopsided, and we aren’t going to be happy for parts of the season. But I think it’s contention time, and it’s time that we recognize that. We are a contending team with lots of potential and lots of talent. Let’s just hope that no injuries occur, and that we can take a shot at one of the weakest divisions in baseball. I would like to thank the baseball gods… 


  1. TribeTed

    Jeff – The White Sox do have a great pitching staff, but if you look at their offense,…. I don’t know. There isn’t anyone who wows me Jeff.

    I do see that the Twins have a great order, but noone in the division has everything.

    Everyone has something lacking in their game.

    I do agree that both the Twins and White Sox will give the Indians hard times, but you don’t know that the Royals won’t win the division.

    The Indians are in the middle of things.


  2. amseeley

    such optimism Ted. I wish I shared your outlook on things. Me, I have reserved myself to accept the fact that 2010, probably 2011 will be a rebuilding years. Anything better than a 76-86 record this year would shock me. Seriously. As I have opined on AC’s blog, too many ifs for the Indians to truly believe that we can hurdle 2 or 3 teams in the Central. My prediction: Minnesota, Chicago (Peavy-Buehrle-Danks is a nasty 1-3), Detroit, Cleveland, Kansas City with the bottom 3 teams separate by a total of 4 games. The Central is betting better top to bottom but other than Minnesota this isn’t a perennial contender year in and year out.

  3. TribeTed

    I personally think that you are right, but I would like to believe in my post πŸ™‚ ha.

    You could be right, I could be right, who knows.

    The Indians could be the worst team in baseball for all we know.

    I do think that Sipp needs to come back from his not so comforting Spring and put up decent numbers. That’ll at least do some of the job.

    I think your right in your prediction, but hopefully and I hope this is true, the Indians win the Central.

    The only reason I think we have a fighting chance is that no one else is really THAT GREAT.

    But I think we could win it with 81 wins or so. πŸ™‚


  4. amseeley

    We’re gonna win the division Ted!! I feel it.

    I just realized, it’s only the second week of March. I have checked my sports rationality at the door and let my Indians fanhood run wild. Through April, every team has a chance at the title! May 1st starts the reality kickoff tour.

  5. TribeTed

    Bklntrolleyblogger: That’s true. We are all winners in March!

    And that’s the way I like it. Hopefully every month can be like this one.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I think that the White Sox pitching staff is good, but they do have some questionables and do have injuries. Their bullpen is going to be really strong.


  6. TotalBases

    Hey Ted, good post. Letting you know, the TB Mailbag is tomorrow if you wanna get your questions in.
    Total Bases

  7. TribeTed

    Amseeley: It’s a good thing to let your fanhood run wild.

    But maybe your right. We have to step into reality every once in a while.

    And yes, the Indians aren’t the best team in baseball, heck they aren’t even that great. But I think if we have a good year on the mound, and in the bullpen, we could win the Central.

    But this is reality, and for the Indians to pitch great throughout the season is hard.

    So hopefully they can pitch well.


  8. dtigger

    At least your looking on the bright side. A healthy Grady Sizemore along with a big year from Asdurbal Cabrera and a underrated RF, Choo will give this offense a chance.
    Brady- ( I used to write “Thoughts of a Teen-Fan”, a blog were you commented often)
    But I started a new one. Check it out-

  9. devilabrit

    The beauty of spring training is anything can happen in the season and normally does… it’s a time when wishes are a possibility, the All Star Break will give a better idea of wishes becoming possibilities, until then wish away….

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  10. TribeTed

    Peter: thanks. You are right,

    Spring Training will be a time where we can see where we are in the league, but the reality hits when regular season starts.

    I am hoping that this is the reality, but who knows.

    I am hoping that we don’t choke. πŸ™‚


  11. TribeTed

    Greg: He’s doing pretty good. He had 90 or so RBI’s in 08 in the minors and then last year split time with two different teams, and battled injury.

    He has looked good, he has power and maintained good average.

    I think Chisenhall will be the third baseman when it’s time.


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