Come on Joe, get your head in the game!

We were up 7-4 in the eighth inning, and I had no worries. We had runners on for Travis Hafner and all I needed was to sit back and watch.




Everything was perfect. The Indians were cruising along, and in the ninth they brought in Joe Smith. This was going to be an easy finish, or maybe not… Noonan!




But Joe got the first out of the ninth easily, and I thought that I was just being optimistic, but then maybe I was wrong? There were then two outs with no one on, when a guy laid down a perfect bunt single, with two outs!??! And this is how I looked…




I bit my nails, and I knew we were in for a big finish. Joe delivered and all of a sudden, BOOM! Single down the right field line. Luckily he was thrown out at second, whew.




But the game was still tied, and I danced around the house throwing things.




But I didn’t fret, I knew that we played a good game, but we tied. But we are still the best team in the Cactus League! undefeated! And hopefully we can keep it that way. We have two ties on the year, and we might get caught in another one along the way.




Let’s just hope Joe can keep his head in the game.


gget your head in the game.gif



  1. TotalBases

    Don’t the Cavs have a guy named Joe Smith? Or was that last year?
    MLB 10 the show is the best video game ever, besides NHL 10. I am terrible at it, but it’s awesome. I was drafted by the Tigers!

  2. TribeTed

    Jeff: Us kids are spoiled by the gaming graphics of real life, but still there are always those glitches. 🙂 And then all of a sudden you have 30 million people trying to post them on Youtube, that’s our society.

    TotalBases: That was a few years ago I’m pretty sure. You were drafted by the Tigers, what a shame…


  3. TotalBases

    I think it was last year, because I remember the Celtics wanted him. Yeah, I was hoping to be drafted by the Red Sox.

  4. TotalBases

    Yeah, woohoo! LOL
    Wish the Tribe well this year. Too bad their out in Arizona, I’d love to see them play. Question: As an Indians fan, how did you feel seeing Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia in the World Series? There was a lot of talk on Boston sports raidio about that. Just interested on an Indians fan’s take.

  5. TotalBases

    “The fans are ruthless and don’t deserve a winner. I will never forget getting cheered when I was injured. I know at times I wasn’t great. I hope and pray I’m playing when my team comes to town and [we] roll them.”
    –Former Browns quarterback Derek Anderson
    Whoa, what do you think of this Ted? I think browns fans are very loyal and deserve winners. (Sounds like Bruins fans!)

  6. TribeTed

    Total Bases: On your question regarding Lee and Sabathia, it’s fine. They had to go. We weren’t a contending team and we got great prospects out of it!

    I really liked the trades, and I wouldn’t have taken them back.

    It’s fine that they were in the World Series, it just shows how good the Indians General management is, they got both Sabathia and Lee. Lee came over from the Angels.

    Does Derek know that he sucked? Obviously not.


  7. TotalBases

    The Indians got Lee from the Angels? Wow, I had no clue about that. What did you guys give up to get him? I think the Indians downturn began losing in the ALCS to the Red Sox. They had some pieces. But with a low-market team like the Indians, the window of oppertunity can be short. Too bad you guys don’t got Manny and Thome any more, eh? 😉

  8. raysrenegade

    Spring is the only time of the year that Coaches can halt games because they used all their pitchers, or end in ties.
    Either way, it feels like a loss to me when that happens, unless you come back to tie (lol).
    But that is a great indicator of your team’s character and the farm system when both MLB caliber and minor league players can keep it a competitive game from the first out to the last.
    And might be a great indicator of good thing coming back to Progressive soon.
    Still hope Mitch Talbot makes your rotation. Would love to see the guy pitching in the majors this year.

    Rays Renegade

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