All of our teams have players that can consistently hit well or players that don’t make a single error. But to face the facts, we all have liablities somewhere in our lineups. You can’t deny it either. Every single team has a liablity throughout them. It just so happens that the Indians have well… in lack of a better phrase A TON! Baseball is a game of liabilities and the team with the least throughout the season wins.


Grady Sizemore just came off an injury infested season. His shoulder bothered him throughout his swing, and all he could do is pull the ball. If Sizemore doesn’t get back to normal, the Indians will be getting a chunk bit out of them this season. Grady needs to be the best he can be as a leadoff hitter, but in Acta’s case the 2 hitter. (more on this later) If he can’t produce, than the Indians offense I predict will slump with him.


grady homers.jpg


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It seems as though when Sizemore is going good that the Indians offense follows I guess its like monkey see, monkey do, but that’s just me. Grady is definetely a leader in the clubhouse and really helps out the young guys. He steps up when needed and when he is healthy can give pitchers fits. But the liability behind the whole “package deal” is the fact that he strikes out too much, and no one knows where to put him in the lineup. At times he can go with little striking out, but in some circumstances he can strike out far too much which doesn’t seem promising.


When you put Grady in the leadoff spot, he is comfortable there and it seems as though he is more of a hitter. He takes the first pitch of the game so that he can see what the pitcher has and can feel better standing in the box than he would in any other spot in the order. I don’t like the 2nd spot though. Yes Grady can put a bunt down when needed to move a runner, and can also get things started, but he can’t hit the ball the opposite way. The biggest factor in this whole baffling process is that Grady can’t hit for contact. So the 2 spot is not for him.


But oh Manny Acta would like to differ. He thinks that Grady is a shoe in for the two spot and that Asdrubal Cabrera should be the leadoff hitter. Which brings me to another liability,… coaching. I don’t see why Acta thinks that Grady is such a wonderful 2 hitter. He strikes out way to much and like I said can’t go the other way while Cabrera can hit all fields and strikes out a miniscule number of times. I don’t understand the thought process.




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It’s almost like he’s thinking backwards. Already on my bad side, which is not good counting that we’re not even through the first Spring Training game this year. If anything at all Grady should be at the 3 or 4 spot but 2? What the heck is this guy thinking? Maybe he’ll figure it out during the season when the Indians aren’t producing like he “figures” they will.


I think the biggest liability in Cleveland right now is there young arms. Yes, Jake Westbrook is feeling healthy. And yes I am excited. But it all comes down to the same questions, “Will he produce?” and “Will he play through the injury?”. I would have to say he will produce for the pitching staff, but he’s not going to turn them into a team that is the top pitching staff in the league. Of course, he could come into the season and just stink it up. We don’t know what he is and isn’t going to do yet.


I think that Westbrook has a good chance of being the two guy in the rotation. Maybe others disagree, but until Westbrook proves me wrong, I think he should be glued into that spot. Acta probably disagrees, and that’s why I hate em. As long as Westbrook fights for a good season and gives us 9 or 10 wins, I will be proud to bring him back. And no I won’t bash on him if he doesn’t do so well, the guy is injured give him a break.


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Fausto Carmona also makes me wonder… where did this guy go? Now two bad years after almost being the Cy Young award winner in 07. I just wanna know how a guy can go from so good to so bad. His control was amazing during 2007, and during the offseason he got into some bad habits. He walks too many people now, and his sinker is finding it’s way up in the zone. He’s a huge liability and could be the difference in finishing last in the Central or 2nd (I’m thinking it’s gonna be close).


Suppose David Huff continues to pitch well as he did last year, and our bullpen does not let us lose an extra ten games, then I think that we’ll be okay. But these things are all liabilities and they could go in either direction. As you can see the Indians have many liabilities, suprise suprise. Let’s just try and cut back on a few heading into 2011. I might have a better attitude. Just put on your headresses and paint your faces like chief wahoo cause the seasons a’comin. Good luck, and until next time…


Go Tribe!!  


Day 1 thread: A star is born?

During today’s two intrasquad games a new star was born, right? Jordan Brown who has hit over .300 consistently in the minors and has caught the eye of many burst into the seen by going 2-2 and hitting a homer in day 1 of Spring Training. What does this mean? It means that Jordan will be full of confidence heading into the rest of the spring, and might be able to show a few people that he belongs in the majors.


Of course, he will need to earn his spot in the lineup and in the outfield if at best he
jordan brown.jpg wants to play a good 50 games in the majors in the next two years. We have Grady in center, Laporta in left (if we so choose) and Choo in right. The only way that Brown will get to play this year will be during call ups and I think that the Indians will choose to move a few people around just to fit him in.


I’m not going to guarantee anything here, but I think this kid has a good stroke, and he’s off to a good start. Who says he can’t go throughout the Spring and wow the coaches? I don’t think you can bet AGAINST this kid. He has a wonderful swing and I really believe that he can play in the majors. (Quote via “Jordan is a talented player,” said Acta. “He proved that by being the batting champ at Triple-A last year. He’ll play some left field and get some reps at first base. He’s going to have to fight for it and he knows it. Our depth in the outfield is very good.”


I wonder why Brown didn’t get a call up last year, it’s a shame that the poor kid had a whirlwind turnaround of a season but didn’t get called up. He hit about .330 and he was sitting in the minors in September? Big mistake. I told everyone in the blogging world that Michael Brantley would come on strong and he did so. I’m going to predict that Brown does too. He has a brighter shot than Brantley does I think… which can be scary if you think about it.


The Indians should try him out this year at least for a month. I mean the kid has obviously shown that he is worthy for a shot. You don’t have to praise the kid, but just buy his contract and give him some time. When your the Cleveland Indians, all you can do is give chances. That’s why we are who we are today. So why not give one to Brown?


Jordan Brown has definetely gotten off to a good start. Do you think that he has the potential to come on as strong as Brantley did? Or do you think he will be better? What are your opinions on what the Indians should do when September call ups begin? Do you think that they should give their outfield a rest? 

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Commonly asked questions

We go into the season asking a ton of questions about the Indians. We want to know if we are going to see the same team we saw last year. I maybe can’t answer that spot, but I am dang sure that I can predict the little things like how many ejections the Indians will have, or how many dumb injuries they will have over the course of the season… I just hope no Joel Zumaya’s happen, dang you Guitar Hero.


Will the Indians be last in the Central?


Well, you are a young team, with young pitchers. You just came off of a year that had your offense stumbling, and you had some bright moments with the kids from the minors. I can’t ensure that we won’t be in last place, but with teams like the Royals and the White Sox, I don’t think the Indians have a better chance to be in last place than to not.


No they are not going to win the Central I know that, but they aren’t going to be like Ozzie Guillen’s team. And no Indians fans in case you were wondering, Manny Acta will not be having a twitter. Back to the topic, the Indians are a team full of young talent but they need time to develop. If we have any chance of being in the top 3 of the Central, we need to have an
oh ozzie.jpg amazing job throughout the pitching staff, and our offense must be clicking.


Could you see us getting to the playoffs in 3 years?


Of course. But first, we will need to hire a new coach. Yes Manny Acta is someone new, but than again he came from a losing team. We need a guy that knows how to win, someone that has won before and has a real reputation. In 3 years, who knows who will be on our team. You can’t really have a right or wrong answer with this one. If the pitching staff is good, than I think we possibly could.


An example would be in 2007 when the Indians almost went to the World Series. CC Sabathia (don’t get me started) and Fausto Carmona were carrying the team on their backs. The whole reason the Indians got to the playoffs in the first reason was that their offense could score 4 runs a game and their pitching staff could hold opposing teams to under 4 runs a game. It’s as simple as that, the team with more runs wins. If Cleveland wants to make the playoffs in 3 years, they will have to win more than they lose. (Sorry, that’s a loose prediction.)


 Number of ejections


There will be 5 ejections this year by an Indians player. But when the Indians are playing the White Sox, I predict that Ozzie Guillen will be ejected twice throughout the season. So altogether during Indians games I think that their will be 7 ejections.


But who’s counting?….


How many dumb injuries will there be?


Let’s just say there will be more than we can count. The Indians need to be healthy, but with injuries, they just keep sitting in the bottom of the AL Central.



Whatcha gonna do?

Well whatcha gonna do? As many of us may have seen on reports, Shin Soo
scotty.jpg Choo has hired Scott Boras as his agent. What was he thinking?

 Just for the record, he will be making another $3 million this year and will be holding out for the first time in his career. Indians fans, let’s give Scott Boras a round of applause.

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Play nice boys…. or don’t….

There’s a quote in family etiquette. It goes something like this, “you never, ever rat out a family member no matter what the circumstance no matter what the time.” Well we put this down on the McGwire family… than no.


When a hard headed brother of a steroid user crosses the line, he’s gonna hear it. Of
mcgwire-b-and-a-21.jpg course Mark hasn’t talked to his brother in eight years, (sad isn’t it) but you know his brother will never hear the end of injecting Mark with steroids.


Why can’t these two boys just play nice, you know like when they were roid’ free?


Eh, when you go “Roid'” you never go back. But why on Earth did Mark say that steroids were for “healing?” That wasn’t even a conceptual response. For that might be on the verge of utter stupidity. The only thing that can take Mark down even farther than where he is, (he might be in the mantle of the earth right now) is for him to make an obtuse comment like this one.


Did you think that we wouldn’t catch this one?


We did.

Time for Math – A Russell Branyan Flame-athon

Yes all of us Cleveland fans know that Russell Branyan has signed on with the Cleveland Indians.


Yes we know that he is capable of hitting 30 home runs.

russell branyan boo2.jpg******

Yes we know that he is also capable of 200 strikeouts


But is he capable of being heckled by Cleveland Indians fans? Absolutely! No one likes a guy who strikes out every two out of three times. Does he swing a bat or is it just imaginary in his hand? Whoops, (cheap shot). Okay here’s one you can ponder Russell, what’s the square root of 4? Now take that and add your age minus the injuries. What do you have?….


Your batting average.


Time to go to camp

Hola, Tu estas asombro por que yo estoy hablante en espanol, no?


Well don’t worry about it.


Spanish%20flag.jpgIt’s almost time for Spring Training, well close enough, and this is the time where everything happens. And I mean everything! Let’s look at what the Indians did in this past few days….


Well first off, Reyes is rehabbing and is re-added to the roster, with Westbrook being “pain free.” Let’s just hope Jake is for real.


El Indians de Cleveland estan muy bueno en el ….. nah this Spanish stuff is just too hard.


Well everyone, while the Indians pack up their bags to head out to Spring Training in Arizona, I will be cracking down on my Spanish. If any of you out there can possibly help me not make a fool of myself again, than please help me out.


*Just because I am not a good Spanish speaker doesn’t mean I can’t communicate with Spanish baseball players*