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Manny being Manny… literally!

Yes we all know that the Phillies have trampeled the be-fuddling Dodgers in the NLCS, and we all know that the Angels and Yankees series has caused a bit of a minor major heart
Stevenson_Nationals_MgrManny_Acta.jpgattack in the womb of the Yankee faithful.


But why now do we worry about that, when we have Indians news that has brewed up quite a storm over the young, talented Cuyohoga!! Manny Acta has just been announced as the Indians new head coach through 2013. Wonders… we got a guy who is used to losing. Just bring on the tradition buddy, we are used to it here in Cleveland.


Scenario 1


Acta gets hurt in spring training writing the lineup card for an exhibition game. Don’t believe me, every other Indian has had some sort of surgery or some sort of doctors visit that has taken place this off season. Don’t all us fans hate it when our star players have to go under the knife in the off season?? I know I do.


The guy would definetely not make a strong showing here in Cleveland if he chose this route. The pungeant smell in Cleveland only seems to want to grow larger than it already is. With Acta in town – this injury in the off season might be the way to go.



browns suck.jpgScenario 2


The Cleveland Browns and the Cleveland Indians make an in – city trade. The Indians trade Jhonny Peralta to the Cubs for Jeff Samardzija (used to play football for Notre Dame) and the Indians then trade Samardzija to the Browns for $8 million in cash. Yeah, maybe its illegal but the nonsensical season the Browns are having – does Mangini really have to care “what legal and whats not?” I think not.


The Browns need all the help they can get, and if the Indians can get money out of a deal – go ahead and take it. We need money people! That’s all we want for Halloween, no candy – no Milky Ways… money. Don’t hate us cause we are snobs! Aren’t we all these days?


Mangini – 0  Acta – 1



The Indians, are dazed, wobbling, and teetering, but still, they are not out of the Central. They just haven’t gotten that finishing punch just yet and could still be a threat to the division at large. 12 back, at the start of today, the Indians are very well in the hunt for the AL Central Pennant. The Tribe has gone (14-9) in their last 23 games, and if they get the win today, will have won 6 out of their past 8
on fire.jpgseries’. Who says that they “Can’t” come back? Why “Can’t” they take a few series from the Tigers and White Sox. It’s possible, anything is, and this seems in reach.


Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting .310 entering play today, which ranks 12th in the American League. Over his last 20 games, Cabrera has hit .344 with three homers, two triples, eight doubles, and 10 RBI’s.

Ted’s Take: Asdrubal has been seeing the ball well, as today is his second start in the No. 3 hole. He is sizzling, as he seems to build off of each game, and has been hitting the gaps very well. It won’t be too soon before Cabrera anchors the No. 3 spot in the Tribe batting order.
tripleplay.jpg He has caught my eye, the way he plays… He goes out day after day and has fun, just like being a kid out there. He plays a solid defense, and can steal a base if you aren’t careful. Watch for him to keep on going.


Aaron Laffey, (6-3, 3.25) has been the Tribe’s ace this year. Aaron Laffey is (3-1) with a 1.40 ERA in his past four starts. In three of those outings, he didn’t allow an earned run. “He’s been more aggressive around the plate,” Indians manager Eric Wedge said. In his last 10, Laffey is (5-2) with a respectable 3.17 ERA. As said on http://indians.mlb.com/ Laffey’s ERA would rank eighth among all AL pitchers if he had the required number of innings—40 short.

small_jeremy-sowers-2009.jpgTed’s Take: Laffey has caught the eye of Eric Wedge, and me. He has been the Tribe’s ace as of late, and has always been a great pitcher. He can go 6 innings and always give his team in his case (the Indians) a chance to win, everytime he goes out there. He is a warrior, who lives off of changing speeds and fooling hitters. If he keeps up his hot streak, the Indians could gun down the top teams of the Central. It is possible.


David Huff, who pitched Friday vs. the Twins, went 5 strong giving up 9 hits, and 2 Earned Runs. Huff, (7-6, 6.55) is (2-0) with a 5.28 ERA. He is continuing to throw strikes, and get ahead of hitters, but also continues to give up way too many hits when he is ahead in the count. Huff, has also struggled against lefties, a stat that is rare for a left hander to do. Lefties are hitting .386 (51-132) against Huff this year, and the Twins lefties, (Mauer, Span, and Morneau) went 3-7 against him in Friday’s game. Huff had to say about Mauer, “Mauer is unbelievable. I tried to throw everything at him today. The only time I got him out was a changeup that I accidentally left up around the letters and he hit it straight up in the air. I guess that’s what I need to do — I just need to start making mistakes to him.”

indians huff.jpgTed’s Take: If Huff continues to be knocked around by lefties, then maybe he just needs to face the White Sox every outing because they are chalk full of righties. If Huff continues to struggle, opposing managers will start to put in all of their lefties to make it tough on Huff, (Hey that rhymes.) He needs to really work on his curveball and his changeup, and make sure he keeps them down vs. left handed hitters, or we will see alot of balls leave the yard.


“Yes, I am a Browns fan, and proud of it!”

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