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Whatcha gonna do?

Well whatcha gonna do? As many of us may have seen on reports, Shin Soo
scotty.jpg Choo has hired Scott Boras as his agent. What was he thinking?

 Just for the record, he will be making another $3 million this year and will be holding out for the first time in his career. Indians fans, let’s give Scott Boras a round of applause.

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Cry baby vs. Devil

Scott Boras has hit Mets slugger Gary Sheffield with a $600,000 lawsuit. Real? Indeed it is. Since Sheffield the whiney cry baby of the Children of the Corn ditched Boras when he signed a $39 million contract with the Yankees in 2004, they have been feuding over “If Sheffield still owes him money.” A super agent vs. a cry baby, that looks pretty nice on a blog. Congrats Gary and Scott, for you two are the biggest wieners of the crowd!



Mr. Sheffield, umm how much money do you currently pocket in the Northwestern Savings Bank, or whatever trust fund you continuously invest in? How many years of overpayment has it taken to finally hit you in the face full throttle, to dawn on you, “Hey, maybe I do deserve a 600k fine?” The man that sits in the box, and hits a good four pitches consistently 400 ft. into the stands in foul ground, and then watches strike three go right down the middle. I’m not buying this whole “I am innocent” crap.

But then on the other hand, Mr. Boras, the devil from hell, the super agent who committed to Stephen Strasburg, only to have him turn his back on the draft, and hold out for more money. Seriously dude, you got issues with money. You are asking Mr. Sheffield here for 600k off the street? Since when has this law suit gone on? And how long have you invested in this whole “I am gonna sue him” garbage? You both need to take a break and just put on a pair of boxing gloves and duke it out.

The biggest cry-baby in the Major Leagues against the biggest piece of trash found in the parts of any money situation, looks pretty darn fun to watch.

But what brings up this odd situation in the first place Mr. Boras? Did you feel mis-interpreted, and did you feel like an outsider when Gary Sheffield decided to “play hide and go seek with you” but in turn, just went inside and played around. It seemed like during this situation, you were the kid who sat outside looking day and night for the boy who smirkishly sat indoors snickering at your dishearted content. But what brings up such a fuss over the year 2004?

Beats me.

But both of them seem like they are on the same road here,.. a road to failure. One that leaves a look on ones face that never leaves. Mr. Boras and Mr. Sheffield both want to ruin their careers right? The cry-baby vs. the devil continues on…