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The “centerpiece”



Over the years, Cleveland has been the “centerpiece” for all prospects, and young guys looking for a place to “live the dream.” Well Cleveland is the right place to go Wayward sons, as we offer the best package in baseball. You grow upon our organization so strongly you can’t let go. We are the “centerpiece” in all baseball, to trade away, and move players at any instant. That’s us, your Cleveland Indians.


In the 1990’s, our success was based upon many young guys who hit the snot out of the ball. Most of these guys stumbled upon great teams and built up wonderful career’s that still go on today. We are the “centerpiece” as I said. We have the power. We can make or break the history of our program and the history of baseball, well maybe not that but you know what I mean right?


So why do we not sign the best player’s in the league and why do we trade our best players for the “rebuilding” process year after year? I don’t know. Possibly because we know these guys have blistering potential that could swirl up into one bad counter act destroying the team? Example: Manny Ramirez. Just Manny being Manny in his own world.


Or could it be that we don’t have enough money to pay their contracts? I don’t think this is the answer to go with because we have a pretty even, and fair budget. It’s not like we are the Pirates, but at the same time we aren’t as “loaded” as the Yankees are. They can go out and spend countless amounts of money on anyone they want whenever they want. We simply just can’t.


Over the years, we have groomed such players as Jim Thome, Richie Sexson, and Manny Ramirez, who are/were household names. Thome has joined the 500 HR club recently and Manny has continued his inglorious career with the Los Angeles Dodgers who are feeding him money at his feet.




Remember, we had them. We went there. That was us for a point in time. We were the “centerpiece” and held the destiny to our own franchise. Yet we stopped spending on them to “rebuild”? Or we didn’t offer them a “good enough” contract? Doesn’t cut it for me. We should have kept them until they chose to go, not because we wanted them to leave cuz we couldn’t pay their contract.


Just think how the future could have changed, maybe we could still have Jim Thome. We could have gone with offering another contract to him, instead of showing him the back of our grubby little hands. Instead of building the franchise around him and using the “centerpiece” to continue our destiny, we threw it away. We did it to ourselves Cleveland. We held our own destiny and threw it away. It sucks, I know, but it has to be dealt with.


That is why Victor Martinez didn’t wanna go from Cleveland, because we were so good to him. He loved us and we loved him back, but not like a man love or anything that’s just weird. Victor cried when he heard he was being “traded” because he didn’t wanna leave the beautiful city and its glorious fans. He wanted to stay here and continue onward into his outstanding career.




But we did it again. Traded away another good one. All for the sake that we were “rebuilding” and wanted fresh meat on the market. Raincheck, Victor is fresh meat, it seems as though we brought him up yesterday. Its not like he is “too old” for the rebuilding process, why keep him? The younger guys you are quote “building around” don’t have big salaries at all, so why not keep Victor?


Instead we get Justin Masterson who is a reliever “gone starter” and doesn’t have the stuff yet that we were looking for. And in trading Victor we didn’t get really anything “huge” for the rebuilding process. So what’s the matter with keeping him? And “if” your going to trade him, make sure you hold out for Buchholz. He is an actual pitcher who we could get something out of.


The front office scares me at the little knowledge that they possess. Its almost like if we don’t have a “winning” season, you can say “bye bye” to our top players. And as Aaron in Cleveland Baseball said, “Grady could be the next one to go?” I totally agree with this possessive front office occurring right now for the Tribe. Its scary to think of Grady in another uniform, yet not playing on our side.


Why are we always “rebuilding” and “reloading” as Shapiro calls it. What do we ever get out of it? We got the 2007 season and that is about it. Instead we throw away two seasons and wait for the third to “possibly” be a contending year. Not gonna cut it. For one Wedge is gonzo after this season, as he is horrible in the first half of the season, and second off, Shapiro will get the back of the hand too.


The “centerpiece” for all things in Cleveland has truly run out as of late. As we have supplied many teams with “power, and speed, and pitching” yet what have we gotten? One good year of “contending”? The Padres and The Friar Faithful are digging “Kouz” who the Indians mentored throughout the minors, and the Dodgers are digging Manny. Who are we digging? Who have we “gotten” from someone else that we have “loved”?




I can’t really answer that one right now, as it teeters in my mind. We are the “suppliers” and in return recieve the young blood. We are the “Wal Mart” of major league baseball, supplying all of “your needs” and nothing else. So maybe we aren’t a rotten team after all, maybe we are just many people persons, combined into a huge collaboration that we call the “Cleveland Indians”?


You can’t keep on telling us we are “reloading” for next season to just keep on failing and keep shutting out the fan base. That isn’t going to be selling many seats. You can’t keep on telling us that “we will contend in 2011 no matter what the circumstances are!” Because in truth, you don’t know one way or another which way we are going to fall. For all you know, we could lose 100 games.


The “centerpiece” has come and gone over the years, and yet have we to receive a player that we “had it our way” like Burger King, for once in our lives. For we are the manager’s at Burger King and every other team picks and chooses who they want, and we supply them with no argument whatsoever. Time for a change, time to be the “receivers not the “suppliers.” And its time we storm into Cleveland and rant and rave about our “front office.” Let’s go Cleveland the future is ours.

Mother Nature got us again

mothernature.jpgPerhaps Cleveland over the years made a deal with the devil. The phenomenon that comes into play at just the right time – Mother Nature. The nuisance that creeps up behind us every time the Indians play and slowly stalks our every movement. She has always found her home in Cleveland, comforting to the sound of the rock and roll music topped with some great baseball. The prognosis of the weather guy is always wrong and it ends up Mother Nature gets the best of us Clevelanders once again.


The seagulls appearing only to save the game for us in the ninth inning – made up for the many horrific thunder storms echoing throughout the ball park. The stinging thought that Ms. Nature has our number. She has brought forth a squirrel, midges, and many a storms. Her disinterest in the Indians disheartens the fans and the city alike.


Time after time, we condone to her just to get another period of showers rained upon us in the middle of the inning. Her lack of season worsens our chances leading to snow in March. So blame it on mother nature! She is the unlawful one who breaks all the rules and rains out game after game. Ms. Nature is the one who sets us up for disaster time after time.


Or is it us? Did we make the deal with the devil?! Maybe it is us immature Cleveland fans who are bursting our bubbles for a winning season? Could it be? Turn around your snobby little fingers and point at yourselves. We do it to ourselves. Us selfish little soundless fans who boo continuously at the games – are the reason she has set off.


Where is the enlightenment? We are the Cleveland Indians – the cornerstone of all major league baseball clubs. Our team would be worth 60 electoral votes in a Presidential Election. Come on Cleveland, where is your sense of pride? The lack of communication is killing the demons within the inner soul. Ms. Nature might be the peacekeeper in all of this. She could be the one evening it out.


For goodness sake, we are the fans who used to ‘have it our way’ like in the Burger King Commercials. We were ignorant, incoherent, selfish little people who fed on the domination upon other AL Central teams. That was us alright – the good old days where our wins would gush out into the open flame. We couldn’t care less about the game itself. But now, Mother Nature has made us see the light. The reason us neglected fans didn’t care about our team.


You see, it all comes back to Mother Nature, and the bond we shared with her throughout time. There is a point in time where Ms. Nature will trance away – leaving not a trace of step. We will be on our own in the wilderness and we will need to be superior top notch fans who really care about the Indians.






Not some fan that goes to the games and talks the whole time. Mother Nature gets us for every one of those. She tries to scold us and scorn us that the true meaning of a ‘fan’ is to go to the games and cheer your team on. Not sit there ranting and raving about a bad season. That isn’t a true fan, a true fan is always in the bleacher’s like John Adams banging away at the drum until the pieces fit together. When the fortunate time comes – us Indian’s fans will recognize it and we better take advantage.


Cause now we learned something – we have waited a good 10 years for another dynasty – and we ain’t waiting any longer. Cherish the good times Cleveland, they are a comin! The grief that Mother Nature shares with us sprinkles down when it rains. She is shedding none other but tears during her long showers that delay games. She isn’t against us – she is with us 100%. Ms. Nature is the one who acknowledges fan-dom to the fullest.


She churns with playoff fever ready to explode like Rock N’ Blast fireworks at any second. She is sticking around, not popping like gum would on the regular basis. She frowns upon thee who rain down the garbage on the field after a tough loss and those who don’t have the Indian Fever cause’ frankly, she is trying to spread it through the air.


We all stumbled upon the loaded up fever in 07 when we had our inglorious playoff run. But wherever did that spirit go? Did we lose it for good like losing cheer leading pride after high school? Or do we have the chance to regain it due to the fact that we are still willing to prevail over this mischevious drought of fan hood and move into the light of Indians baseball? That is up to you Cleveland, Ms. Nature is watching!!


So let the boo’s rain down on Andy Marte and for that matter – Kelly Shoppach when he strikes out and snaps the bat over his leg. That is his forte. Let the food rain upon the guy in section 172 that roots for the Yankees, and jeer at the beer guy who stands in your way at the games, cuz Cleveland, karma is awaiting you – so make the right choice now, or have it implode.



Let yourselves scream and shout for every defensive error in the outfield, and let the guy beside you know he is taking up too much space and you can’t sit properly in your VIP seat, cuz its coming Cleveland. Let your grievance compile into one big sob pile cause that’s all your gonna get. Time to let your fan-dom unfold. Time to compile every good thought about Indians baseball and mesh it into one. Time to make the Indians noteworthy of some forgiveness and sorrow for all the hurtful comments in the air.


Why are we really Indians fans? It is time you dig deep and look for the tears and hurtfulness of all that has gone on with the team throughout the years – where they have gone from zero to hero, from Super-Joe, to zero. What goes around comes around in this business, and ignorant fans for that matter does too. Do you wanna be looked at by every major league baseball organization around and have them say ‘Cleveland fans suck!!’ Or do you want them to go around saying that ‘Man, Cleveland has some real fans over there. I would play there any day.’


Let’s set an example to everyone else. Let’s show the gratitude to other’s about being a Cleveland fan, and a baseball fan in all. Let the guy in section 172 know you ‘love em’ and your ‘sorry’. Let the astonishing pain go away before settling into another Indians game. Don’t resist Mother Nature, she is here to help and so is baseball. Don’t be inferior to other fans – they aren’t the Indians fans like we are.


So don’t let one measly rain out effect the whole next season Cleveland. Let the jeers roll and the rants rave cause I mean no harm, and neither should you. See the passageway and take the light out of the darkness. It’s time to hop aboard the bandwagon – that is, the Indians bandwagon headed to the winning side for a change. So displace those drowsy, angry Indians fans and become a good one – just how it used to be.






–Ted “TTW/T”–




480bloggers12110891.jpgTribe Talk With Ted is officially number 35 on the top 100 MLBlogs on the ‘sphere and I am loving it! The wahoo maniac inside me is jumping around and John Adams is pounding the crap out of his drum! The Indians are winning, and Michael Brantley is on a six game hitting streak! Time to break out the old Ted with some Ted’s Takes in there along the way!


Other things that have to do with 35:

1. Rickey Henderson

2. Cole Hamels

3. Frank Thomas

4. Mike Mussina

5. Justin Verlander


The number itself is an honor. With Rickey Henderson wearing it I will take it any day. The Hall of Famer wore it with style as he “stole” his spot in the HOF. Rickey has the most stolen bases of all time with 1,406 and also has the most leadoff homers and the most runs scored of all time.

Ted’s Take: Rickey is “the best” base stealer of all time in my opinion. He had one of the biggest lead-off’s and was one of the quickest guys in major league history. He got so many good jumps that is was rare that he got thrown out. He made things happen and was a catalyst for his team wherever he went. It is an honor to celebrate this number with a Hall of Famer.


Cole Hamels was the World Series and Playoff MVP last year as he posted a 4-0 record and shut down every offense he faced. Even though Cole has had a tough season, he will make sure he gets it going in the playoffs because that is where he shines.

Ted’s Take: With Cliff Lee coming to town via your Cleveland Indians, Cole has to work twice as hard to keep the number 1 job over a phenomenal Cliff Lee. Lee has showed Philadelphia how well he can pitch when hot, as well as how bad he can be when he is cold. Hamels has been a great playoff pitcher, so look for him to compete to be the number 1 in the playoffs. It will be a fight til the end.


Frank Thomas “Big Hurt” is one of the greatest hitter’s of all time. He joins Mel Ott, Ted Williams, and Babe Ruth as one of four to have at least a .300 average, 500 HR, 1500 RBI, 1,000 R, and 1,500 walks in their career. He is sure on his way to becoming a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and being one of the greatest hitter’s of all time.

Ted’s Take: If your name is anywhere near those three guys (Williams, Ott, and Ruth) you ought to be in the HOF. To have so much power and hit for such a high average is just mind blowing. Frank Thomas is going to go down as one of the greatest hitter’s of all time and will surely be voted in as soon as he is on the ballot. He was a great player as well as a great guy and also swung an iron pipe in the on deck circle. If you don’t vote him in, maybe he will come and hit you with it!


Mike “Moose” Mussina was one of the greatest Yankee pitcher’s of all time. He went 17 straight seasons winning 11 or more games which is an AL Record to this day. Mussina posted strong number’s his whole career though never earning a Cy Young award. He won the gold glove award 7 times and was an All star 5 times. You tell me he isn’t good?

Ted’s Take: It is amazing to look through his whole career and see that he didn’t win the Cy Young at all throughout it. The pitching was very good when he was around leading to the fact that he wasn’t really recognized for all of his great performances. He won 18 games in 2002 which was only good enough for 8th in the league. He has been influential to many around the world and might have a shot at the HOF. He will go down in my book as one of the greatest pitcher’s who ever suited up.


Justin Verlander is the number one pitcher in the Tiger’s rotation. He is the guy to look to when your down, and is the guy to point your finger’s at when struggling. He completed the sixth no-hitter in Tiger’s history in 2007 and is still shutting down opposing offenses. He is compared to Mark Fidrych who was nicknamed “the bird.”

Ted’s Take: Verlander has the best stamina around today in the majors. He can hit 99 on the gun in the seventh inning and still has enough heat to blow it by you. He has a sickening curve ball with a silly change that makes hitter’s shed a tear at the sight of it. Verlander bounced back from a shaky 08 season and is really shining this year for the Tiger’s. He is leading the team with 16 wins and has a great ERA at 3.29. He is carrying the whole Tiger’s team to a playoff run and to AL Central victory.


35 Reasons to like the Indians


35.) Best fan-base in baseball

34.) Got Grady? We do!

33.) Its all about Choo!

32.) Dollar Dog Nights

31.) Shakiest team in baseball

30.) Heritage Park

29.) Pronkville

28.) We have Carlos Santana in our farm system

27.) We have a pink mascot named Slider

26.) Mark McGwire hit a homer off of our jumbotron

25.) John Adams and his bass drum

24.) playoff fever like no other

23.) You can see Kelly Shoppach snap his bat over his leg

22.) We trade all of our starter’s

21.) We like to rebuild

20.) Have one of the best stadiums in baseball

19.) We have Indian Fever

18.) We have Wahoo Brothers

17.) Have Kid’s Fun Day at the stadium

16.) Low selling tickets

15.) Usually follow a bad season up with a good one

14.) Our GM is so nice: he gave my uncle box tickets!

13.) Paul Byrd gave me a ball

12.) We sing ‘Hang on Sloopy’

11.) Have an annual Rock and Blast Fireworks presentation

10.) Celebrate Father’s and Mother’s Day in style at Progressive Field

9.) Have the first Jamaican born pitcher: Justin Masterson

8.) Justin Masterson is “masterful”

7.) Have one of the youngest teams in baseball

6.) It’s Tribe Time Now! Why not join in?

5.) Omar Vizquel played here

4.) Had a dynasty in the late 90’s early 2000’s

3.) Have one of the coolest nicknames “Pronk” AKA Project Donkey

2.) Have the coolest manager: Eric Wedge

1.) Have a talk show: All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan


I thank the ‘sphere and also everyone who contributed to the cause of me being the #35 blog on the top 100 MLBlogs. I can’t wait for next month. Be ready for some more of Ted and some more Indian Fever! Thanks for letting me come on down and share my thoughts and feelings about the Tribe!!