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Feeling kind of blue

There are days where you wish you weren’t the fan of your favorite team. Don’t deny it. There are days when I look at ESPN and see how the Yankees and Mets,… well not this year, pumble every team. Sometimes you just want to branch out and look at things in another fans prospective.


The Twins – Tigers game was the most exciting game I have ever seen in my entire life. From
logo_territory_241x185.gifCarlos Gomez jumping like a ballerina, to the likes of Jim Leyland scorning with his tobacco filled face. That game was when I, Ted, wanted to become a part of Twins Territory. The Dome was packed, and there wasn’t a seat left in the place, as the Twins put on a show that wouldn’t ever be forgotten. The towels were waved, and the “al-co-hol-ic” chants spilled out of the obnoxious Minnesota crowd towards Miguel Cabrera. What a wonderful atmosphere.

Sadly, the Twins two – game winning streak was cut short to the infamous Yankees yesterday night. But that won’t stop the fight in the miraculous-crazy-energy filled Minnesota Twins from competing day in and day out.

What will?

Nothing. I hope that the Twins go all the way in the playoffs they deserve it. Feeling kind of blue right now due to the fact that the ill-fated Yankees had to stand in a teams’ way that was the Cinderella of this season. But don’t you see something here? In 2007 the Cleveland Indians were the Cinderella Central team that went all the way to the ALCS. David the Indians, sure did defeat Goliath, the Yankees when the Indians took the series in four games.

The over-paid, money throw away-ing, high payroll-ing, annoying (heavy breaths), piece of crap, no good, dirty, rotten Yanks are standing in the way of this David. Let’s go Twins, nothing can stop you. You have Ted on your side.

Go get em.



Sometimes – life sucks

There are times in baseball like last night for instance, where life just sucks! You don’t wanna turn on the tv to watch the game or you don’t wanna do anything. And the feeling that I get after last night, sucks! Many people say the word “sucks” but how many of that percentage say “life sucks?” Looks like the Indians were put in the timeout corner.


time out chari.jpg


For some reason the offense never wants to perform well when Laffey is on the hill. As Laffey went 8 strong giving up 3 earned runs the Indians

  • had three hits
  • scored 1 run to help
  • had only two guys themselves with hits

And to top that off the bullpen gave up 3 runs in the ninth just so we could put the game in the books without a possible “comeback” ready to take place. They are just making it hard on themselves!




Shin-Soo Choo was one of two people to have a hit, as he had a double and a homer to continue to add on to a wonderful season as is. If he really heats up, he could reach the 95 RBI mark. But why do we care, we are in last place? It would be cool to see him reach the feat seeing as how he is one guy that we are based on “building around” for next season. I am ready for him to keep on stepping forward and progressing.



Even though we completed a sweep of the O’s, it doesn’t mean we are gonna start “rolling” again. Ha like we ever will again. We suck this year, and I couldn’t see us beating the Royals in a “Poopy Bowl” series.




Our pitching has to get better. As I have said before – if we have guys like Laffey for instance who go out and throw a good eight innings getting the job done, you gotta get the “W” for them. And that has been the story all year long. Not getting the offense going while the pitching is on top of their game. It is a hard thing to do I understand – but it isn’t like we can’t. Yes we can!


yes-we-can-800px.pngLike last night’s game and the season – the Indians make life suck. But you can always get over it. You just gotta cross the line and take another step towards victory. 




So laugh all you want at the “laughing stock” of the majors, because in two years, you will be at your lowest of all time and guess what? We will be the best among the league. It is a dog eat dog world out there, and if you aren’t careful you can get hurt!




The whole picture is simple. A few tweaks here and there, and a few adjustments there and here. We just have to:

  1. Keep it in four-wheel drive
  2. Pick up a few crafty veterans along the way
  3. Hire a new coach
  4. Get a new philosophy here in Cleveland

That sounds like the right idea. So smile! We can do it.




Just remembering the good old days of 2007. We will be to that point of winning again sooner or later… hopefully sooner. Let’s just hope we don’t get this fella along the way.


lidge blows saves.jpg

How many have we lost now?

Yesterday’s game was just another game, with Jeremy Sowers going 1 inning giving up 6 runs. He seemed a bit tired, as he got pounded and then had to be taken out early. Just another game and another loss in Cleveland. What a shocker!!



 We have lost 7 games in a row, and have given fans every reason possible to scream and shout at us. We haven’t been pitching good at all, and the offense can’t score to save their lives. What the heck?



 The game started out slowly as the A’s just kept piling runs onto the horrible pitching job by Jeremy Sowers. The had 9 hits off of him just in the first inning alone!! Are you kidding me?



 Luckily our bullpen saved our butts by only giving up 2 more runs in the 8 innings they pitched combined. Time to panic in Cleveland!



 We scored on a ball that Kelly Shoppach hit right at the third baseman Bobby Crosby, who let it go through his legs. It was two cheap runs, but right now we will take anything that you put on the table!!




That loss was another big punch to the stomach.




It looks as if we have no life left in us as we have lost our last seven games. How do you do that? A team that was very hot and showed life in June and July suddenly is showing no life. Maybe its because we have the younger guys up? We still shouldn’t be performing at such a low rate though. It is really making me bite my nails.



Maybe we should just let Shin-Soo Choo do all the hitting, and maybe his Choo power will rub off on the others?




Its worth a shot. We don’t have anything to lose right now.



 It is very painful to wake up every day and know that your Indians are bad. We need to start winning to make the organization look better, and to make the players look better themselves. I am starting to lose hope in Cleveland myself.





We officially “suck”

I knew the day was going to be bad when I woke up and lazily jumped into my morning shower. I got dressed and ready for school only awaiting another disastrous day. It was like I knew it all along like I was going Matrix this morning. It seemed like I wasn’t me,.. and nor were the Indians.


One big fat word for you: swept. We got swept by the Texas Rangers – and today seemed like we could’ve cared less for all of the 15,000 in the stands. 10-0 tells me that we didn’t put forth enough effort to survive the cold world of this business. And for Fausto Carmona – he kept us 5 runs in the ball game this time. Congrats buddy, even better than last time.


It was like no one was in it today – it seemed like today was an odd day (9-9/09) was fresh under way jinxing the Indians winning ways – and the chance for some fun at the ball-park. The offense sure didn’t have it, and for that matter nor did John Adams. It wasn’t a fun day at all, to come home and see the Indians lose 10-0.



That is a big number to lose by, which leaves a sour note in my stomach. Do the Indians have enough pitching to hold up next year? They haven’t been the consistent. My answer is “no they don’t.” Next year they aren’t going to be good enough and Cleveland and Ted will have to wait another wretched, gagging year to swallow down.


It isn’t fair that we fans have to endure this. We will get expected to win the Central all over again – only to blow are chances like we always do. We will pick up those go-to guys in the off-season, only to trade them midway through. That is our MO, that’s what we always do. That is the life of Cleveland baseball.


This three game sweep that has drought-ed upon us has surely knocked out next years hopes in Ted’s mind. For even I, with a strong belief in the Indians can’t go on much longer with this mediocre squad. The pain building in the lower stomach area brings forth so much pressure on one’s self it hurts. The pain-staking thought of another bad Indians season rocks the inner brain and rots it to the core.


We don’t deserve this, us poor innocent fans who regularly attend Progressive Field. The continuous losing of the mind jolting Cleveland Indians. What happened to the movie “Major League?” Why couldn’t we all of a sudden have that same moment of “ah, I get it. Now we can win?” Why couldn’t we have another season that we come back and bring some Indian Fever back to the town who deserves it?



Why can’t we sing “Hang on Sloopy” with pride during the eighth inning? It can all come back in a flash Cleveland. Hold onto your seats – cuz it will shock you when it happens. If it could only be 2007 again. What a year in Indians history. 96 wins, with Pronk having a stud year only to come through in the playoffs.


It all comes back to this loss we endured, 10-0. That doesn’t show a true team going out and getting beat 10-9, it shows a bunch of nuts who just aren’t on their game. It sickens me to think about how bad we really are. I think we officially get the term “suck,” added to our name. We are now the Cleveland “We Suck” Indians.


We almost, suck right now, as bad as the Browns do. We continue to dig holes for ourselves only to take half the season to climb back out of them. Here’s a stat for you : Eric Wedge has only had one winning first half of the season in his entire career – which means obviously he and the Tribe dig a huge hole that needs climbing out of.


Here’s the memo if you missed it Eric : It’s called start playing good in the first half or get fired! And I am being straight to the point – I can rant all I want but that doesn’t change anything. That doesn’t change the way the Indians play which sucks, because I am so devoted. Here it is straight to you : If the Indians have a winning first half – they will make the playoffs. Just like they did in 2007 – AKA the only year they had a winning first half.




You have to look at the big picture. If you go into the second half with a sub .500 record and the team leading your division is 8 games over – in this case the Tigers, you got a lot of catching up to do. That is what we do every year. We have to scratch, tear, and climb ourselves out of these holes we dig.


It isn’t like our division is the AL East, in fact we have one of the easiest divisions in baseball right now, if not THE easiest. Detroit is leading the division with a 75-62 record, which is pretty decent. But to tell you the truth – they have started turning it on recently. We were only a good 11 games back about 2 weeks ago.


I am taking it step by step now – as are the Indians. Making sure to keep going on the right road, nothing sloppy or in the wrong direction. So tomorrow, I will shake off the tiredness and jump in the shower with enthusiasm – and then see what happens. You never know what could happen, it is sometimes a game of luck.


You know what they say : “People with good attitudes are always winners.” And that could be the case for the Indians and Ted. I hope that is the case as I will be the best morning person in all of my life these next few weeks, and then see how it plays out. Come on Cleveland, we need you!!


–Ted “TTW/T” —


September set – downs

You know your not fooling them when the first three batters you face go: double — thrown out at third; homer; homer. It was hard for Carlos to keep his composure as he really tried to battle in there. The Tigers offense just had his number though as he was tagged for 6 runs in 3 innings of work. It’s not going to be an easy road from here.


It’s bad enough that Carlos threw 75 pitches: all in three innings. He was trying to overthrow at times; and left the ball up. It was like a merry – go – round watching all of the players circle the bases. It wasn’t really a fun game to watch: or be around. Just another bad performance.


But many stud minor league pitcher’s haven’t done so well in their first big league start: so what? Carlos could come out and dazzle us in his next start. What I have been saying the whole time is right – minor league number’s don’t matter when it comes to the majors.


AC baby yo.jpgCarlos was dominant against the minor league hitters as he led the league in innings pitched; and strikeouts. But in the majors – he got shelled: due to the fact the hitter’s are just so much better at the level. He’s gonna shake it off and come back and get em the next outing.


It’s not like the Rangers are going to be an easy team to face; with Kinsler able to hit the ball anywhere he wants to. It’s going to be another tough outing; and I think Carlos will have figured it out by then. He needs to pound the strike zone – but keep it low. And needs to mix his pitches often and well.


Two hits in your first game at the major league level; priceless! Michael Brantley went 2-4 last night as he ripped a single to center: and beat out an infield hit. This kid brings alot of speed to the team – and I really enjoy watching him. He makes it harder to pitch when he’s on base: and opened some eyes yesterday.


He stays back and hits the ball to left; which personally I like. He jumps on the inside fastball – which leads to never getting jammed, and he has the ability to beat out an infield hit. He is going to be a great player; you watch Cleveland. It’s not going to happen this year – but in the next two: watch out for 40 stolen bases and a .300 avg.


chooooooo.jpgWhen anyone brings speed to the team that’s great. But Brantley brings something else; some kind of swagger. Some kind of unknown swagger that really makes this kid great. He is confident at the plate – fast as all get out; and a great team player. 


It’s great that Brantley shined in his debut; I really believed in this kid’s swing – and was one of the only one’s who thought this kid was ready. He showed us that he can hit — with his to – die – for line drive swing: and his crazy speed on the base paths.


Brantley really gets along with his teammates. On STO you could see Brantley and the guys cracking jokes; and talking about their last at bat’s. It’s always fun to have a guy like Brantley around. A young leader – who has all of the confidence in the world. 


Like Barry Bonds when he was on the Pirates: except the steroids were left at home. Bonds had something weird about him – he could hit for power and had speed. You don’t see that much often. In his rookie year: Bonds only hit .223 but had 16 homers and 46 runs batted in. To go along with that; he had 36 stolen bases – which meant pitcher’s didn’t want him on base.
ching we.jpg

That just shows that sometimes; your rookie year doesn’t matter. Sometimes players come out and get the rookie of the year award – and then never see daylight again. And most times like this case: they come out – and it takes them a few seasons to get used to hitting before they explode.


With Barry: I am not sure when he first used steroids. Could have been when he was with the Pirates – could have been with the Giants. But I do know this – he hit like a regular guy: and played like a regular guy for 4 years in Pittsburgh.


I think Brantley will have a year in the next few: that he will explode like Bonds did. Not home run wise – but he will steal a good 35 bases and will hit .300. He has been compared to a young Kenny Lofton; and that is spot on correct. He has the speed – hits line drives: all like Kenny did. And I would like that back in Cleveland – it has just been missing for so long.
indians baseball yo.jpg


It’s like that special song that you heard one day and you didn’t know the name of it. Five years later you heard the song and heard the name of it: and finally realized – I have been missing this for so long! Then you jam to it for a minute or two; and then gone.


Cleveland has been missing true base stealers like that song. We haven’t had a true base stealer since Lofton was here: and was a catcher’s nightmare. The whole team in the 90’s and early 2000’s was pretty darn good all together. Kenny made the team whole. Kind of like Michael Brantley makes this team whole.


Its kind of like a puzzle: the Indians are all scattered around in pieces until someone starts building – (rebuilding.) They are almost finished except they have one piece left. They have been fitting every other piece in: but none fit. Michael Brantley was that last piece. He holds everything together. Think about it… 



Happy September!!