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Andy and Russell, a happy couple


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Thanks to my good friend savagetruth who commented on last post, he had the idea that Andy Marte and Russell Branyan should platoon at first base. And he is absolutely correct about the 40 HR possiblity. That was a genious comment, and I would like to say thanks for the idea, and thanks for letting me post on it. It makes perfect sense.


Russell Branyan hit 31 homers last year while Andy Marte only had 6. But if you take the time when Marte was hot and the time when Branyan was hot you have two oiled machines. You put them together and then you have one super oiled machine. With all that oil you can produce a good 40 homers or so. Yes fans this is a wonderful idea don’t you agree?


I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this. This idea is so simple yet so hidden. With Marte’s struggle at times, Branyan could take the weight off of his shoulders. While during the time Branyan is getting pitched well, Marte can come in and take the chip off of his shoulder. I also think that Marte can come in against lefties. The other idea could be for Marte to only play when lefties are on the mound.


Marte is not a very good hitter against righties but against lefties he’s halfway decent. Since 2007, he’s increased in homers and he is looking better and better the more I see him. The reason that Marte hasn’t produced those HUGE numbers in just one year is because of the fact that he only plays about 50 games a year. If you take the 6 homers he hit in those 47 games he played in you can use that to calculate about eh 21 homers in a full season.



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So if you platoon Marte and Branyan your going to get some production out of it. I think it makes perfect sense, and as a Tribe follower for years this finally came to me and said “great idea”. I totally understand where savagetruth is coming from and I agree that platooning these two is the best thing to do. They are both “power hitters” and do rack of their fair share of strikeouts. But that’s not the point. Together as I have stated, they can produce about 40 home runs and 90 RBI’s.


As if the fact that you used one of them you might get 30 homers from Branyan with 70 RBI’s and 5 homers and 20 RBI’s with Marte. Going just with one can lead to slumps, and alot of bad games over all leading with no productiveness and maybe a bad year for either Marte or Branyan. But with the combo I can see new beginnings in Cleveland. Just like they platooned when they weren’t successful in the 60’s it panned out eventually.


This platooning could be infectious among the other players who knows? If Branyan starts going, it could be a domino effect. You never know. Maybe if Branyan gets into dancing lessons, than Marte will get into dancing lessons, and maybe Choo will get into dancing lessons. Who knows. I do think that Choo would be a pretty good dancer though… just a thought.



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I do see strikeouts happening with these guys. But I do see home runs being hit night after night. I don’t even know what pandemoneum will be present when Marte and Branyan are hot. If the Indians (Manny Acta) goes through with this, and I hope he/they will… then I think that the Indians will have a VERY productive first base. It’s almost like your getting an All Star to play first base for them.


I do think that this will pan out perfect. Russell Branyan played in 116 games last year while Marte played in 47. Together that will be 163 (one more than games played). So if you give or take away another game or two in either one of them’s stats, then you have a perfect season. That is why this platooning will work for them. It has to be like this in order for run production to take place.


I do believe that this team can flourish from a good platooning. This could effect the team in multiple ways. The team can feed off of a good first base performance and follow up in a good way. For example maybe Russell Branyan and Marte go on a hot streak. The whole team could feed off of that and maybe go into a month hitting great as a team. This situation could effect everything for the Indians. This is why I really like this idea.


I do thank savagetruth for the idea of platooning as he is a very smart individual. I do highly believe that the Indians should platoon in order to get more productivity out of the first base position. Manny Acta needs to meet this head on and needs to platoon. He can’t see through this. Andy and Russell might make a happy couple… for the Cleveland Indians. Until next time….


Go Tribe!


Representing the number 0

The Indians were showing a strong uphold against the Royals “dominating” pitching yesterday (*wink *wink). Looks like we are just digging ourselves a deeper hole. Today, at Ted’s Take, we are viewing the number 0, and what it represents.




September 13th, 2009

Indians vs. Royals



The Indians didn’t show me much today, as they were held hitless into the sixth inning. Luckily, the Soo-Choo Train broke it up with a hard single back up the box. He had half of the hit supply yesterday afternoon, as Matt Laporta supplied us the other half. One word – pathetic. How can your offense suck this bad against a team like the Royals? And did I mention that Kyle Davies was on the mound?


Carlos Carrasco again struggled but amazingly lowered his ERA from 12.38 to 9.64, which still isn’t “anywhere” near where we wanted it to be. Right now, he just can’t find the strike zone to save his life. He can’t thrown any off speed pitches in for strikes, and he can’t get ahead of hitter’s. I stress that, because then he can throw whatever he wants. Just right now isn’t his time. He needs to progress a bit, *cough cough* alot more.


I guess we are just a shaky team right now, as we scored 13 runs on 17 hits the night before. How can you go from dominating, to well… being dominated? Lack of effort? That might do it. Or maybe we just aren’t good enough? Probably. 17 hits down to 2 hits, a difference of 15 hits between games. Horrible. And not to mention on the homestand we went 3-6 barely making our way out of a “life and death” situation. We saved ourselves from a record like the Pirates, and saved ourselves from being the laughing stock of all the league.


It wasn’t like they hit Carrasco “extremely hard.” In the fifth, Josh Anderson’s bunt single and David DeJesus’ broken-bat double set up Bloomquist’s RBI groundout. So that shows “right there” that the Royals didn’t hit Carrasco “hard” in that inning.  


Brantley, CF 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 .364
Cabrera, A, SS 3 0 0 0 1 1 3 .311
Choo, RF 4 0 1 0 0 1 3 .299
Peralta, J, 3B 1 0 0 0 3 0 1 .275
Hafner, DH 4 0 0 0 0 0 4 .275
Valbuena, 2B 4 0 0 0 0 0 3 .240
LaPorta, LF 4 0 1 0 0 1 2 .238
Marte, A, 1B 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 .229
Toregas, C 2 0 0 0 1 2 0 .205
Totals 28 0 2 0 7 5 17




Ted’s Take: The Indians sure put up a big fat goose-egg on the board today. The Indians are hot and cold right now kind of like,




The Indians are just blue…





Which brings us back to this:




Its just pathetic that the Indians are shaky. They have been like this all year, never showing the want to come back and win the game from behind.




Should they start to hit the panic button now?






Lovin it Luis!

Valbuensta#2.jpgLuis Valbuena
, again, decided the game for the Cleveland Indians. In the eighth inning of Monday nights game he hit a three run homer to put the Indians on top of the Royals, 7-5.

“I’m not going to try to do that every night,” Valbuena said through an interpreter. “I’m just trying to make good contact.” Well, Valbuena is good at making contact, and hitting the ball far when doing so. He hit a walk off homer Saturday night, to give the Indians the win.

“I’ve been working hard in BP,” Valbuena said. “I’m lucky enough that I’m getting good pitches that I can turn on and drive the ball.”

Valbuena has been stroking the ball as of late. He has really been seeing it well, and has gotten alot of pitches to hit. The only thing I noticed that needs work, is that when he gets into hitters counts, he tends to give some at bats away. In yesterday’s game, Valbuena was in a 3-0 count, and swung at an outside pitch. That isn’t a pitch he should be swinging at! The next pitch was high and outside. Another pitch he should just lay off and take ball four. He ended up walking, but that is just what I noticed.

Oh yeah, did you know Travis Hafner had 4 RBI?

Ole’ Travis hit a three run dinger in the fourth, giving the Indians the 3-0 lead. His fourth RBI came in the sixth inning off of Gil Meche. Travis got a pitch to his liking, and went with it hitting it in the left center field gap and scored Shin-Soo Choo who tripled.

When was the last time you saw Pronk do that? Jeremy Sowers had a great game for the Indians, going 7 strong, giving up 5 ER. I noticed, that he kept his stamina the whole game, and just let the Royals score big in one inning (the fifth) and came back and pitched well after that. Good game Jeremy! Way to keep your head in it and way to keep pounding the strike zone.

“Working through seven innings gives you more opportunities for your teammates to pick you up,” Sowers said. And that is totally true. It also gives you more chances to possibly mess up though. With Sowers fastball topping out at 90 MPH he has to live on the corners, and have good location. What I have noticed is that he tends to pound the strike zone with his cutter, fastball and change up regardless of how hard he throws.

I admire that! When a pitcher shows me that he isn’t scared, I will take him any day.

Great game all around. If you wanna join in the conversation, click here. And if you wanna check out the Indians website click here.

Indians, 10-6


Many players, have had unworldy hit streaks, or a ton of home runs in MiLB. But you see, there is a huge difference between, MiLB, and MLB. The game is played at such a higher rate in the majors then down at the minors, with pitchers throwing 98 with pinpoint control and a nasty curveball. They are just unhittable. Now in the minors, you might run into a guy throwing 98 who can’t
mlb-logo.giflocate and has a half decent curveball. Not the same. If he comes into the big league, he will be rocked.

It is so hard for a player to just take their minor league success and put it into their major league game because it is a much different atmosphere. More fans, more hype, better pitching. So that is why many players go back down into the minors, within a month of their MLB debut.


Andy Marte for the Cleveland Indians, is hitting .175 currently, with 7 total hits in 40 at bats. Now why has he had so much success, and why were so many people hyping his debut?

Because of his Minor League Stats. In 82 games, he hit .327 with 18 HR. Andy was considered a for sure thing in the minors this year, only to come up to the bigs and get shaken up. It is a whole different ballgame when you come from
Andy Marte.jpgthe minor leagues, where they just aren’t as good. Andy Marte might have the potential to be a great player, but he hasn’t shown his colors just yet.

Ted’s Take: Andy is facing much better pitching in the majors, thus he can’t get away with a slow bat and half decent power. In the minors, he could get around on a 92 MPH fastball constantly, and be able to stay on the mediocre curveball that would hang. He can’t in the majors. As I saw in the other game, his bat lags behind the baseball, and he has to cheat to get to it by dropping his hands, thus popping it up.

If Andy wants to have any success in the future, he needs to throw the bat head at the baseball not pull it through the zone.


Nelson Cruz, the natural, the prodigy, the great. The guy who was going to be the next Sammy Sosa, didn’t have the type of numbers the Rangers wanted.. He hit .342 with 37 home runs and 99 RBIs for Triple A Oklahoma before being called up to the Rangers in August 2008. The slugger then went on to hit 7 HR, with 26 RBI in a 115 AB.

Before this year, fans were wondering why Cruz wasn’t good enough for the
Nelson baby.jpgMLB? Let’s try the minor league pitching isn’t good enough? Nelson Cruz was considered one of the best minor leaguers in history at Triple-A. He would hit home run after home run but still, the minors is not the majors. The pitching is better, and it is much harder. Cruz is now hitting .269 with 25 HR and 58 RBI.

Ted’s Take: Although Nelson has a lot of power. I have seen the same thing happen to him as Andy Marte, except, Cruz is alot better! Cruz kind of Drags his bat leading to an uppercut swing, but has good enough hands to get to it, while Marte,… uhm, not so much.  Nelson Cruz is just a great young hitter, and
josh-hamilton.jpgin a few years, will start to hit 40 HR consistantly. Why is he going to do that?

He will have Josh Hamilton to protect him in the lineup. You have to pitch to Nelson then, and you can’t pitch around him. Well, only if you want two runs home insted of one? Nelson will get a lot of pitches to hit, and will have an amazing year.


Numbers are so amazing, it let’s you break down the good and bad of a team while having fun doing it.

-Tribe Talk With Ted