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480bloggers12110891.jpgTribe Talk With Ted is officially number 35 on the top 100 MLBlogs on the ‘sphere and I am loving it! The wahoo maniac inside me is jumping around and John Adams is pounding the crap out of his drum! The Indians are winning, and Michael Brantley is on a six game hitting streak! Time to break out the old Ted with some Ted’s Takes in there along the way!


Other things that have to do with 35:

1. Rickey Henderson

2. Cole Hamels

3. Frank Thomas

4. Mike Mussina

5. Justin Verlander


The number itself is an honor. With Rickey Henderson wearing it I will take it any day. The Hall of Famer wore it with style as he “stole” his spot in the HOF. Rickey has the most stolen bases of all time with 1,406 and also has the most leadoff homers and the most runs scored of all time.

Ted’s Take: Rickey is “the best” base stealer of all time in my opinion. He had one of the biggest lead-off’s and was one of the quickest guys in major league history. He got so many good jumps that is was rare that he got thrown out. He made things happen and was a catalyst for his team wherever he went. It is an honor to celebrate this number with a Hall of Famer.


Cole Hamels was the World Series and Playoff MVP last year as he posted a 4-0 record and shut down every offense he faced. Even though Cole has had a tough season, he will make sure he gets it going in the playoffs because that is where he shines.

Ted’s Take: With Cliff Lee coming to town via your Cleveland Indians, Cole has to work twice as hard to keep the number 1 job over a phenomenal Cliff Lee. Lee has showed Philadelphia how well he can pitch when hot, as well as how bad he can be when he is cold. Hamels has been a great playoff pitcher, so look for him to compete to be the number 1 in the playoffs. It will be a fight til the end.


Frank Thomas “Big Hurt” is one of the greatest hitter’s of all time. He joins Mel Ott, Ted Williams, and Babe Ruth as one of four to have at least a .300 average, 500 HR, 1500 RBI, 1,000 R, and 1,500 walks in their career. He is sure on his way to becoming a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame and being one of the greatest hitter’s of all time.

Ted’s Take: If your name is anywhere near those three guys (Williams, Ott, and Ruth) you ought to be in the HOF. To have so much power and hit for such a high average is just mind blowing. Frank Thomas is going to go down as one of the greatest hitter’s of all time and will surely be voted in as soon as he is on the ballot. He was a great player as well as a great guy and also swung an iron pipe in the on deck circle. If you don’t vote him in, maybe he will come and hit you with it!


Mike “Moose” Mussina was one of the greatest Yankee pitcher’s of all time. He went 17 straight seasons winning 11 or more games which is an AL Record to this day. Mussina posted strong number’s his whole career though never earning a Cy Young award. He won the gold glove award 7 times and was an All star 5 times. You tell me he isn’t good?

Ted’s Take: It is amazing to look through his whole career and see that he didn’t win the Cy Young at all throughout it. The pitching was very good when he was around leading to the fact that he wasn’t really recognized for all of his great performances. He won 18 games in 2002 which was only good enough for 8th in the league. He has been influential to many around the world and might have a shot at the HOF. He will go down in my book as one of the greatest pitcher’s who ever suited up.


Justin Verlander is the number one pitcher in the Tiger’s rotation. He is the guy to look to when your down, and is the guy to point your finger’s at when struggling. He completed the sixth no-hitter in Tiger’s history in 2007 and is still shutting down opposing offenses. He is compared to Mark Fidrych who was nicknamed “the bird.”

Ted’s Take: Verlander has the best stamina around today in the majors. He can hit 99 on the gun in the seventh inning and still has enough heat to blow it by you. He has a sickening curve ball with a silly change that makes hitter’s shed a tear at the sight of it. Verlander bounced back from a shaky 08 season and is really shining this year for the Tiger’s. He is leading the team with 16 wins and has a great ERA at 3.29. He is carrying the whole Tiger’s team to a playoff run and to AL Central victory.


35 Reasons to like the Indians


35.) Best fan-base in baseball

34.) Got Grady? We do!

33.) Its all about Choo!

32.) Dollar Dog Nights

31.) Shakiest team in baseball

30.) Heritage Park

29.) Pronkville

28.) We have Carlos Santana in our farm system

27.) We have a pink mascot named Slider

26.) Mark McGwire hit a homer off of our jumbotron

25.) John Adams and his bass drum

24.) playoff fever like no other

23.) You can see Kelly Shoppach snap his bat over his leg

22.) We trade all of our starter’s

21.) We like to rebuild

20.) Have one of the best stadiums in baseball

19.) We have Indian Fever

18.) We have Wahoo Brothers

17.) Have Kid’s Fun Day at the stadium

16.) Low selling tickets

15.) Usually follow a bad season up with a good one

14.) Our GM is so nice: he gave my uncle box tickets!

13.) Paul Byrd gave me a ball

12.) We sing ‘Hang on Sloopy’

11.) Have an annual Rock and Blast Fireworks presentation

10.) Celebrate Father’s and Mother’s Day in style at Progressive Field

9.) Have the first Jamaican born pitcher: Justin Masterson

8.) Justin Masterson is “masterful”

7.) Have one of the youngest teams in baseball

6.) It’s Tribe Time Now! Why not join in?

5.) Omar Vizquel played here

4.) Had a dynasty in the late 90’s early 2000’s

3.) Have one of the coolest nicknames “Pronk” AKA Project Donkey

2.) Have the coolest manager: Eric Wedge

1.) Have a talk show: All Bets Are Off with Bruce Drennan


I thank the ‘sphere and also everyone who contributed to the cause of me being the #35 blog on the top 100 MLBlogs. I can’t wait for next month. Be ready for some more of Ted and some more Indian Fever! Thanks for letting me come on down and share my thoughts and feelings about the Tribe!!







The drum that still sounds

09drummer_1_600.jpgJohn Adams started the tradition at Cleveland Stadium in 1973 in a game against the Texas Rangers. He sits in the highest seat in the left field bleachers possible: and is a season ticket holder. Adams was so influential he got his own bobble head day. Him and his bass drum are at every game; and are always there for the Tribe when they need him. He is a true fan: and I respect his loyalty.


You can always here him banging his drum and keeping the Indians hopes alive when there is a runner in scoring position: or when the Indians need to get out of an inning. He is almost like an energizer bunny – very lively and hyper is John. The Indians hearts almost beat on the sound of his drum: as they count on him to bring them alive.


It is almost crazy the way he pumps up the crowd; and the atmosphere he creates is stereotypical. His booming drum – splashes into the ears of everyone in the stadium: and there isn’t any other thing you want to do except clap with it. It gets you so involved in the game – you can feel as if you almost are in it. Without him – we wouldn’t be who we are, the Cleveland Indians.


Fresh off of a three game sweep of the Tigers: the Indians battled, and fought their way back into the game: and almost pulled out a win – but once again came up close. It seems like their forte now that they have this young, bearing team. It’s almost as if they come so close: but don’t reach it. It’s almost like ripping the hair off of your back right now – as the Indians are way off of the road ahead.

Jonathan Adams.jpg 

The starting pitching hasn’t held and the bullpen has faltered. It’s tough when you face a team like the Tigers – who can score at any time of the game unwillingly. Jim Leyland has really mastered the art of the game and has taught it and spread it to every Tigers player in the locker room. It is unreal how well those guys play: And it is also amazing how they aren’t 20 or so games over.


The speed finally kicked in like an energy shot today: as Brantley finally stole his first base in the majors. I am sure he got to keep the bag like Rickey Henderson did when he stole his record setting base! Nah haha. But Brantley also was caught stealing today – a sight to be seen. It was a win and a loss for the Indians in this case. They lost the game: but they did come back.


It’s almost like a movie; but with a twist. You get so behind – and come back and almost have it — but then you lose it for good. It sucks – and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. We missed John Adams today: as I am sure he would have helped us through the hard times. He would have lifted us into the heavens, helping the starting pitching, the offense, the team itself.


John is our good luck charm: his presence brings a comfort of angelic belonging. His drum brings out the best of the Indians over the years – and the biggest failures of all time. He brings out the emotions in the fans to the boiling point which disturbs the inner mind to the point where it explodes. He eases the tension from which the body nestles quietly into the seat: ready to be happy again, and reduce all bad thoughts about losing.
indians ew.jpg 


The intruiging thought of letting the drum hit the mind with a hypnotic spell sending thee into the world of baseball, able to go back to when the Indians were good. The memory’s of sweet smelling face paint: smeared on the faces of die hards who were at every game. The memory of how great the game really was before the steroids and all of the cheaters that we deal with now in the game. The relative smack to the face that this year isn’t our year – wait your turn!


He convinces you to love and hate the Indians all at once: with a twist of strong belief in a winning season and a playoff run at whole. The thought sends chills down the spine: and really tricks you into thinking this is ‘our’ year. He is a mastermind: with a drum and always has a strong influence on the fan-base. He is the normal dude who started out as one regular attending the games. John believed, that one day the Indians were going to have it good: and he was right.

The intriguing thought of him becoming our little ‘drummer boy’ and no one else had him was one of the first sweet-tasting victory smell ever to be set down on a table. The fan-base loved the idea and swallowed the thought of having a drummer for ever game. It was almost like he was the bait: so that we could throw out the line and real the fish in.


John is a wonder boy – all suited up for duty, making the thought of being an Indians fan haggle at every other fan who wasn’t us. No one knows who he is: yet he has a strong bond with so many sub-ordinate fans and the team itself. He is the reason we scream at the television, and have the un-fan-like attitude to turn on ‘Deal or No Deal’ instead of the game. He is the reason we love the Tribe and every mo-hawk wearing, face paint loving, Tribe talkin’ wahoo brother in the house.


He gives Grady Sizemore the chills, and sends Grady’s Ladies into a tailspin of forgotten memories of the guy who was their life. John put the ‘I’ in Indians: as he is always manipulating the crowd into cheering and dancing when they are behind by 4 runs. He is the light of the game, who just beats his drum with no intentions what-so-ever. But the effect,… is huge.


He is the one who starts the rallies, the one who makes Pronkville jump to their feet. He is the one who makes Shapiro believe and get lost in the hypnotic beating sound. John is the puppet master and we are all the guys who follow his every command. The beat, is up beat yo. And he keeps it fresh and the same every game. So the next time you wanna go to the Indians game: get lost in the drum – and get lost in the game. You go John!

‘I tell it straight and to the point.’









Traditions have been going on and on for the Cleveland Indians, every new stadium comes new traditions, but the old ones never stay behind. I like to look at how these traditions began, and how they have grown since they were first used.

cr.gifProgressive Field really has some great traditions, as they really focus on the Indians past. I will be visiting some of these traditions tomorrow as I am going to a Cleveland Indians game against the Angels. The Tribe has only lost once while I have been in attendance so don’t worry about losing. Just don’t jinx me okay!


Opening Day 2007 celebrated the opening of Heritage Park at Progressive Field, the exciting new home of the Indians Hall of Fame and other exhibits honoring the franchise’s rich history.

Located in the centerfield area of Progressive Field, Heritage Park will be available to fans before, during and after games, as well as available for special events throughout the season.

heritage park.jpg(http://indians.mlb.com/)

Ted’s Take: Heritage Park is a great way to honor the great Indians of the past such as Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Bob Lemon, and others. It gives you the background on how the organization started, and how far the Indians have come from zero, to hero. It is one of my favorite things about Progressive Field.


Travis Hafner‘s catchy nickname was spawned into a new creation: “Pronkville,” a mezzanine section in right field of Jacobs Field where Cleveland’s designated hitter has launched some of his longest home runs.

“It’s cool,” Hafner said. “I was pretty happy about the T-shirts they made up. They fit into my wardrobe nicely.”


Ted’s Take: Travis Hafner also said that Pronkville was probably bigger and had more residents then his hometown, Sykeston, N.D., where he grew up in. The place has 154 residents.

Pronkville.jpgPronkville features almost all of Travis Hafner’s home runs, and also an eatery right behind it. It is truly a two for one deal. You get to eat for low prices, and watch Pronk deliver a long ball to you almost all the time! Talk about tradition.


Ted’s Take: Grady’s Ladies, oh what ladies… They started up just about when Grady Sizemore entered his prime, a sisterhood that always brought signs that showed who they were, “The Grady’s Ladies,” would come to almost every home game and root on the Tribe and their favorite player, Grady Sizemore. Most of Grady’s Ladies got to meet Grady himself because they were so popular and a for sure #1 fan of Grady.

gradys_ladies.jpgSoon after Grady’s Ladies had started, the guys couldn’t let the girls top them. So,… a sign or two got created and bang! Grady’s Guys were created for a game or two. Just kind of mimicing the Ladies they would follow Grady around everywhere and cheer for him. What great traditions Cleveland.


Yes, Grady’s Guys rock!

-Tribe Talk With Ted