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Clay could be our number 2

The way Clay Buchholz has been pitching the past 6 outings – he has really brought a thought into my head. Is he good enough to be our number 2 in the playoffs? He is young, and doesn’t have enough experience at the playoff level, but then again – he gives a quality start in every outing. Could that be enough to have him proceed on to the 2 spot? I am not sure. If I were Tito, I would give him another outing to base my decision on whether he should be manning the 2 spot in the playoffs. But we have Jon Lester – who has been lightning. Yesterday he went down with a line drive off his quad. Not a good sign!! In all means – let’s put Clay in the 2 spot.


redsox clay baseball.jpg

He has been amazing his past 6 starts where he has had 6 quality starts. Clay has really been locating well – and has been striking out a bunch of hitters. Maybe his time has come sooner than thought? In his past three starts he has given up 2 runs combined. Now is that dominant or what? A guy like him in the playoffs could really endure an outing and give us a chance to win. Why not put him in the 2 spot?



He gave up 1 against them.




3 against them




0 runs against them





and 1 against both of them




Topping it off with 0 against them in his last start







The Good: With a young guy like Clay on the mound against some teams that have never seen him – he will most likely “dominate.” Most teams that haven’t faced him don’t know that he uses his slider alot, and gets ahead of hitters. If he continues to pound the strike zone like he is and give quality starts – look out. He has been top notch striking out 8 in his last start, he is starting to look like a young Mike Mussina – or Curt Schilling. I am really investing in this kid.


He has great composure out there, as he pitches with confidence and never doubts himself. He consistantly gets over a hit given up by striking out the next hitter. I love how he can control himself out on the mound – normally young guys lose it and don’t know what to do. Clay works on mechanics and just lets the ball fly resulting in strikeouts and a ton of positive results. He hits his spots and never misses a two strike pitch.




The Bad: Although Clay is dominant this year – he still hasn’t had enough starts to put him over that edge where you can say “this kid has experience.” It seems to me that he sometimes gives up hits later in counts that he shouldn’t be giving up. He is fantastic this season don’t get me wrong – but when playoff time comes, its a whole nother’ level of desire and he has to step up his game. I just don’t know right now if he is capable of the change.


Clay also hasn’t gotten alot of cracks at teams with playoff caliber – leading to the fact that he will have to learn how to pitch differently to different teams which could result in a merry go round. Am I saying Clay will fail? No. But I am not saying it is going to be an easy time to succeed. Clay must do his best and must change speeds often.



Final Thoughts:





The Red Sox need to win this series against the Yankees. It will put them in a clean and happy mind set – leading to a free and easy finish. If not – they could lose a few towards the end. —– the magic number is now at 3 which means after tonight – you could be looking at a magic number of 1. —– David Ortiz homered for the 3rd straight game last night and has looked as the “powerhouse” he used to be. Look for him to have an excellent postseason!!

We need to keep the pace

Thumbs up




**The Red Sox have been hitting the ball well. Although they haven’t been scoring very early – they have had the big innings. It seems to me that they have the pitcher’s number about the second or third time through the order, and really exploit his weakness’s.



**The pitching has been “there.” Beckett has been dominating and has added to his total with 7 strikeouts yesterday night – showing the Royals why he is well “a Cy Young candidate.” He has really been pitching well and is showing me he is ready to pitch in the playoffs.



**Victor Martinez is on a 21 game hitting streak. Looks like he has been bulking up on some of those wheaties? He has been hitting the ball like a monster – and now has over 100 RBI on the season with 101. He has been very patient at the plate – and has been really great at going with the pitch.




Thumbs down



**The offense didn’t score last night until the fifth wear they scored 6 runs!! But if you can’t do that against a team like the Yankees who don’t have horrid pitching like the Royals do. If we don’t score early and put it on em’ we might not ever score in the playoffs.



**Although our pitching has been there – parts have not been there. Wake hasn’t been 100 % therefore he has been pitching half as good as he was earlier in the season. If we don’t get him rehabilitated, we might have to put someone in his playoff spot.



**Although Beckett kept the Royals to only 2 runs over 6 innings – he did give up 12 hits. And when you are facing a team like none other than the Yankees, they take advantage of that and pile runs upon the board. So if we wanna compete with them, we need to start keeping the hit to a minimum. I will say this though – there were at least four or five hits that were considered “bloopers” in my book.








Can we keep the pace with the Yankees? ** As David Ortiz said when asked “Are the Red Sox going to keep pace with the Yankees?” He said “Why not?” – (Info copyright Julia’s Rants) As I say the same. The Yankees have everything to lose and then the Red Sox have nothing at all to lose. With the Sox playing phenomenal baseball and the Yanks struggling along, it looks as though Boston might actually catch the Yankees. They care coming close and are within 6 games now and with two more games to play than the Yankees – the Red Sox actually “might” have the better odds.


Final Decision:

YES.jpgWill Victor continue his “hot streak” into the playoffs?
 This is a question we all are wondering. For Victor has been amazingly hot still currently owning a 21 game hitting streak. He is really being patient and is working the pitcher’s. What I see now – is what I saw in Ells when he got hot. I saw patience, and ability to hit the ball the other way. I think that Victor “will” continue his hot streak and will cause a migrain for all opposing playoff pitchers. He looked pretty good in the 2007 postseason so why not now? He has all the chances to succeed. Let’s go Victor clap clap, clap clap clap…


Final Decision:

yesmanyouit.jpg How many wins will the Red Sox have by the end of the season? In my opinion it doesn’t matter – but for the fans, why not? I am thinking the Red Sox will have around 97-100 wins if they can really start steppig on the “gas” peddle. It looks like the offense is back to where it was when they were streaking and now it seems as though Pedey, Victor, Ells, and Papi are all catching the fire as well. If the pitching holds, and Buchholz and Lester finish out strong I would say 100 wins. Its too hard to predict now. Ask me in a good five days!! If the Yankees aren’t careful, the Sox could pass them up. Why not? So here is my answer – “If Boston plays great baseball from here on out, expect 100 wins.”


Final Decision:

dollar bill.jpg 


Playoff Predictions



AL East winner: New York Yankees


AL Central winner: Minnesota Twins


AL West winner: Los Angeles Angels


NL East winner: Philadelphia Phillies


NL Central winner: St. Louis Cardinals


NL West winner: Los Angeles Dodgers



 Wild Card



The AL Boys – Boston Red Sox: the Red Sox have been playing some great baseball lately and it seems as though the Wild Card isn’t competitive anymore. They have it locked up and will take the spot all the way to the playoffs. The Red Sox are getting hot and are really catching some “early playoff fever.”



The NL Boys – Colorado Rockies: the Rockies had a huge month of August as they started getting very hot and they pulled away from all other “wild card” contenders. They look as though they are ready to compete and will aim for another WS birth like 2007, (where the Boston Red Sox swept them.) Look for them to gain an edge on most opponents, as they are young and fast and talented.



Derailing Delcarmen

In a game that featured 23 hits, and a monsoon in KC, the Red Sox managed to come up with the short end of things.




It wasn’t like they were “outplayed” in any aspect. I think the Royal Blue could’ve blinded them?




The knuckleball somehow fluttered its way into the 5th inning without “too much” damage done while giving up 5 runs. We had a 9-5 lead when this happened: 




MDC gave up 4 earned on 3 hits all in a matter of 0.2 innings. Does he think this is funny or something?




Bard and Wagner both also donated to the fund by giving up 2 and 1 runs to hand over the game to the Royals.

dude what.jpg


Manny Delcarmen has been bad. So bad, he needs a rest – for the rest of the season!!




We can’t afford to lose games like this. With the playoffs coming up – losing games like this is not an option. If we get the chance to play against the Yanks, I want to take advantage of it and sweep the series, not give it away. This is baseball not a drive thru.




The good news is our offense has been hitting the ball pretty well. We have Pedey on a tear – and we got Victor at a career high 20 game hitting streak. It just makes me dizzy!!




Cmon Red Sox – we need a strong finish, and let the force be with you.




The way it is

I am a die hard Indians fan yes, but no one knows this about me. I am also I Boston Red Sox fan. Yes I have been all of my life. I have been there in the Nation since day 1 and also have been an Indian all of my life.



 Funny thing is, that I am named Ted Williams, after the great Splendid Splinter himself. I wear number 9 all the time, and I have also visited Fenway. So yes, I am a fan, and don’t doubt that I haven’t been.



 Now that the Indians aren’t fairing so well, I am dedicating the rest of the season to the team that I love, and the team that I hope will go all the way – the Boston Red Sox.



Jacoby was on a tear, and did it all yesterday going 3-4 with a stolen base – his 63rd, and had three RBI. Not to mention he hit a homer in the 7th inning. He was the ignitor yesterday, and really lit the offense en fuego.



 Bay was the other one to go yard, his 35th of the year. Man is he starting to look hot. Are you sure we don’t need to hose him down?



And Dice-K didn’t look bad at all going 5.1 giving up 3 earned. What on earth is going on here?




The fact is, I like the Red Sox and the Indians, and I have decided to do a blog on both of them. The Red Sox are just so good right now that I am just going to do a blog on them and their playoff run. That is what I have decided to do.




The Nation – and I are backing our Red Sox to go all the way. Let’s beat the Yanks!!













Young guys are proving they can play – the bullpen is showing it can shut opponents down. I think this team is ready. I give us a good two years to contend. The Indians will be AL Central Champs again, and playoff baseball will be brought back to Cleveland. The thought of it sends chills down my spine – remembering the 07 playoff run.


Every team in their brother in this offseason will be looking for ways to get Matt Laporta and Andy Marte out this next year. They will exploit their weaknesses and go after them. Next year should be a tough year for both and Valbuena so don’t be so sure of powerhouse number’s. Let me show you an example.


In 2007 Asdrubal Cabrera hit .283 with 30 runs in 159 at bats. He wasn’t quite figured out until the next year when he went .259 with 48 runs in 352 at bats. When getting almost double the at bats he did in the first season: his number’s slipped because opposing pitcher’s figured out how to pitch to him over the course of the season. They exploited his weakness’s and made him ground out again and again. Once they figure you out – its awful hard to come back strong.


indiansrooting.jpgThis year: although Asdrubal is hitting .315 with 16 stolen bases and 67 runs. He has been one of the leader’s on the team and has really shown he can fight at the plate. He learned how to hit the away pitch – and every pitch for that matter, and just lines every thing back where it came from. He has come a long way, and it has finally payed off.


The pitching just isn’t deep enough to contend next year: even if Carrasco dazzles. The fact is – that Laffey should be your one starter, with Masterson at two, Huff at three, Carmona four, and Carrasco five.  That means Sowers is out – or could fight Fausto for his job. Carmona hasn’t been controlling his pitches at all: and like Masterson, has really gotten behind hitters. Fausto walks alot of people which is what leads to many runs scoring. In his past ten starts: Carmona has walked more than one batter all but once.


That just shows me the batter’s are starting to work him – and he isn’t able to keep pounding the strike zone consistantly. He hasn’t shown he can keep the Indians in ball games giving up 4 or more runs in 5 of his last 10 games pitched. Where did the dominant Fausto go: where he won 19 games? That Fausto controlled his sinker and was one of the most dominant pitcher’s in the game. Until he finds his mojo – the Indians won’t have the pitching.


In 2011 – I figure that we will have Carlos Santana behind the dish: and nor Wyatt Toregas or Lou Marson will have the job. Santana has an absolute gun behind the plate and is a true hitter. Carlos is hitting .290 with 21 homers and 93 RBI at the AA level. Those are some very good numbers: especially for a young guy like Carlos. I expect next year he will get a promotion: and if he can hit at the AAA level, I think he will be a for sure midseason call-up. What have we got to lose?


alcs2007_01.jpgPlayoff fever back in Cleveland would feel amazing. The 07 ALDS was a memory I will always have. The crowd was going crazy: waving their “Its Tribe Time Now” towels all crazily in the air. You couldn’t hear anything – and no one was going to miss any part of the game for oh: a bathroom break, food, or an Indians team shop.


People in the street were happily playing guitars: and playing hermonica’s all for the joy of playoff baseball. I tell you – we have some of the most true fans over here in Cleveland: we aren’t band wagon at all. We love the Indians and have from day one. Some of Red Sox nation and probably a third of the Yankee’s fans: don’t know anything about them. They just like them cuz they are good. That isn’t what being a fan is like though. Winning all the time: just isn’t fun.


When you are on the brink of elimination – and everyone in the stadium is biting their nails: that is fun. Like when Travis Hafner hits a walk off to win the game in the ALDS – that is fun. But what fun is winning 100 games year after year and winning the division? Then you take the playoffs by storm and win the world series: is it that fun to repeatedly say “We win, we win!” And do you cheer? Or do you try to cheer? Like you don’t have the inner fan: to start shouting and screaming and romp around the house.


The Rays made alot of die hards happy when they made it to the world series: something that no one expected them to do. Now that is baseball – the celebration: fans not giving up on one of the worst teams in baseball, and then celebrating the huge win and the world series birth. In fact: I would be happy just to be a part in the world series.


Travis you dog.jpgThe last time we were in it, 1997: the dang Marlins got us. They came back on us in game 7 and beat us. My dad was there – he experienced it all. The heart break: the long trip back home: the angst of losing. It sucked, but that is what a true fan is being like: always there rooting your team on.


When playoff baseball comes back – I will treat it like church. I will be attending almost every game: ready to cheer on the Tribe. In 2011 the year I picked: I will be there, ready for the Indians to go to the world series. Jon Adams will be there banging his drum of course.


But we need pitching in order to get there: In my eyes – with the talent coming up we have a potent lineup that I would compare to the Red Sox. We have to make our starting pitching better though – we can’t get to the playoffs without pitcher’s who can go 6 to 7 innings giving us a chance to win every night. Hopefully all the young guys will have it figured out by then and will perform well: but you can’t guaruntee anything. That is why I am not so sure about 2011: “Is the pitching going to be there?”


I can’t answer yes. The pitching was there in 07. Although Sabathia sucked in the postseason: he still won the Cy Young, and really led the Indians to the playoffs. Fausto Carmona was a stud: having won 19 games and really showing he could pitch. Paul Byrd had a good 15 wins adding on to the Indians 96-66 record. They have to be complete: and I believe this team can do it.


Game+7+ALCS_10.jpgSo reserve your playoff tickets for 2011 Cleveland, make sure you grab them quick: they are selling fast. Make sure we come out with new towels and signs too – we can’t have the old “Its Tribe Time Now” rally towels anymore. Jon Adams: bang away as loud as we can – and we will be yelling with you. Let’s go Tribe – its our turn to win!



Shoulda held out

It came to an end yesterday. The long 10 game hit streaks by both Laporta and Marte finally came to an end as they both respectively went 0-4. Both of them deserve a round of applause, because they have done most of the hitting for the Indians over the past 10 games. They really built off of each other making one another better. And I really saw some talent in both of them. Time to start over, all good things come to an end.


It wasn’t like they were going to both go on 20 game hit streaks, I don’t see that being possible. But they both did go on 10 game hitting streaks, which really opened the eyes of many, and turned a few heads. Matt Laporta showed that he can hit the gaps while Andy Marte showed he can battle in at bats and come out the winner. They both really showed us something, they can play with the big boys.


Justin Masterson pitched 5.2 innings giving up 4 earned on 4 walks and 8 hits. He really didn’t give the Indians a chance to stay in the game. He once again, couldn’t find the strike zone, and got behind batters, leading to having to walk them, or give them a hitter’s pitch. You can’t live in the majors behind in the count, and that is what Justin does. I know he is a relief pitcher and all, but if he is going to make the transition he needs to know how to pound the strike zone. Should we have held out for Buchholz?


Justin yo.jpgYes. Buchholz is a major league pitcher, and really has three out pitches, fastball, curveball, change. He mixes well, and gets batter’s to chase his pitch. Most importantly, he doesn’t walk batters. His last start he went 8.1 innings giving up 1 earned run on 3 hits while striking out 9. That is what a good young pitcher does. Justin, not so much. Buchholz has the control down, Justin… not so much. Buchholz also gets ahead of hitters and Justin gets behind. That is the difference between these two young guys. You tell me, Buchholz or Masterson?


If Justin could hit his spots 3 out of 5 times, he would be fine. But he doesn’t do that, maybe one out of five would do the trick for him. Not exceptable, that leads to walks and hits, due to the fact he’s always behind in the count. Should we have held out for Buchholz? Heck yeah. He is young, knows how to pitch, and really has potential. He doesn’t need any polishing right now, and can just go out every time and pitch his game. Justin, not so much.


It’s not like we would of had to kill someone to get Buchholz. If we added in, oh Jhonny Peralta into that Victor Martinez trade, I think we could have gotten the job done to get Buchholz. But we got screwed, getting Masterson who goes out and works half the innings Buchholz did, giving up twice the amount of runs. We got ripped off, and that sometimes happens. But we are going to have to work with Justin and make him a heck of a lot better.


Maybe Justin Masterson wasn’t the guy we were going for in the trade though? Maybe there was another guy who we thought had the potential to become very good. Nick Hagadone throws a 98 mph fastball with a nasty slider, combined with a half decent changeup. Oh my gosh, another Randy Johnson? Could be. I am not saying he would be as dominant, I am just saying Nick has the potential to pitch exactly like Randy did. Hagadone throws hard, as well as Johnson and has a nasty slider. Maybe we didn’t get screwed?


yo Justin dog.jpgI remember Eddie Taubensee for Kenny Lofton, just another one of those, “nobody” trades. Turned out to be one of the biggest ones in Cleveland history when Kenny started consistantly hitting .300 and stealing 50 bases. Then there was Eddie Taubensee, a no name lack luster catcher who had no potential at the big league level what so ever that ended up hitting like a career .200. We got the big end of the deal. They didn’t and that’s baseball.


We should have held out because we needed another starter. Justin as I said is a relief pitcher and hasn’t really pitched as a starting pitcher while Clay has been a starter all of his life, and really knows how to pitch in different situations. The Red Sox just didn’t want to give up Buchholz because of his raw talent at starting pitching and knew he would be a phenomenal pitcher in the future. There’s nothing you can do about it.


But then again in the Cliff Lee trade, the Indians got Lou Marson, and Carlos Carrasco who were big household names in the Phillies organization. The Phillies fans think that Cliff Lee was the best thing since slice bread, and he has pitched like it but the guy is human, he loses too. And they found that out his last start. Cliff Lee isn’t going to pitch undefeated with a sub 1.00 ERA for the rest of the season. I think we got the better half.


Carlos Carrasco is making his major league debut tomorrow vs. the Tigers. Carrasco showed to be a strong pitcher in AAA going 11-10 combined between the Phillies and Indians this year while leading the International league in innings (157) and strikeouts (148). Carlos also has gone 5-1 with a 3.19 ERA since the trade. I totally agree with Carlos coming up, as he has been pitching great. He could really open eyes during call-ups and could secure a spot in next year’s rotation if he really surprises.


Wyatt T.jpgLou Marson isn’t the kind of guy who will hit 15+ homers and 70+ RBI each year. But Lou will give you this, a .270 average with 50 RBI and a good 50 runs. He doesn’t strike out as much as Kelly Shoppach, and doesn’t swing the bat at all like Wyatt Toregas, so I think Marson has the job. Kelly Shoppach strikes out so much I am sick of it. He almost has more strike outs than hits this year. Toregas can’t hit to save his life. He hasn’t seen daylight yet in the majors. Marson is my guy at catcher, just to hold it down until Santana gets up here, and then look out!


You do know that the Indians and Rays are both 11.5 games out right? I mean, the records aren’t the same, but the number of games is. The only factore is the Rays are in the wild card race and the Indians are no where near the wild card. It’s just a matter of who’s in your division. The Yankees, the best team in baseball are leading the East, making the Red Sox and Rays battle the wild card out. Looks familiar right? That’s always how the AL East goes.


The Indians haven’t had a great division this year in the Central, with the Tigers being (69-60). If the Indians could have played well in the first half, who knows how things could’ve changed? Maybe they could be leading the Central? Maybe half their team would’ve stayed? I don’t know? But I wish that would have happened, because now, we are back to phase one, rebuilding. And it sucks!


We always rebuild, that is Mark Shapiro 101. “If you suck, rebuild” And this year we “suck.” So Mark got to work and made a few trades, bringing in new faces to the Indians organization. Now we will finally get to see Carrasco’s true colors, and if Shapiro made the right deals. And you know, if we don’t succeed next year, look for some new faces. I think we will falter next year in our pitching. It isn’t looking strong enough to me. I think Shapiro needs to go out, and get a veteran pitcher for the Tribe in the offseason, just to strengthen it. It wouldn’t hurt.


Roberts is pretty good.jpgI gotta say, being an Indians fan is the toughest job. You can’t expect to be good two years in a row with this shaky club, but the love of the fans and hope of the city always will’s a no good season into becoming  a strong finish. That’s Cleveland for you. We don’t leave a game just because we are getting beat 6-2 in the third inning, we don’t throw beer on the field cough cough… Cubs. We have one of the best fan bases in baseball, and we are proud to be Cleveland!


We aren’t Red Sox Nation, and we aren’t Yankee Nation, but we sure as heck have some loyal fans over here in Cleveland Nation! In the 07 ALDS, that is when I got my first real chance to see what real fans are. And that was Cleveland, the loudest park in the playoffs. We love our playoff baseball in Cleveland, and next year we will be gunning for a spot. Be on the lookout!


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