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Andy and Russell, a happy couple


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Thanks to my good friend savagetruth who commented on last post, he had the idea that Andy Marte and Russell Branyan should platoon at first base. And he is absolutely correct about the 40 HR possiblity. That was a genious comment, and I would like to say thanks for the idea, and thanks for letting me post on it. It makes perfect sense.


Russell Branyan hit 31 homers last year while Andy Marte only had 6. But if you take the time when Marte was hot and the time when Branyan was hot you have two oiled machines. You put them together and then you have one super oiled machine. With all that oil you can produce a good 40 homers or so. Yes fans this is a wonderful idea don’t you agree?


I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this. This idea is so simple yet so hidden. With Marte’s struggle at times, Branyan could take the weight off of his shoulders. While during the time Branyan is getting pitched well, Marte can come in and take the chip off of his shoulder. I also think that Marte can come in against lefties. The other idea could be for Marte to only play when lefties are on the mound.


Marte is not a very good hitter against righties but against lefties he’s halfway decent. Since 2007, he’s increased in homers and he is looking better and better the more I see him. The reason that Marte hasn’t produced those HUGE numbers in just one year is because of the fact that he only plays about 50 games a year. If you take the 6 homers he hit in those 47 games he played in you can use that to calculate about eh 21 homers in a full season.



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So if you platoon Marte and Branyan your going to get some production out of it. I think it makes perfect sense, and as a Tribe follower for years this finally came to me and said “great idea”. I totally understand where savagetruth is coming from and I agree that platooning these two is the best thing to do. They are both “power hitters” and do rack of their fair share of strikeouts. But that’s not the point. Together as I have stated, they can produce about 40 home runs and 90 RBI’s.


As if the fact that you used one of them you might get 30 homers from Branyan with 70 RBI’s and 5 homers and 20 RBI’s with Marte. Going just with one can lead to slumps, and alot of bad games over all leading with no productiveness and maybe a bad year for either Marte or Branyan. But with the combo I can see new beginnings in Cleveland. Just like they platooned when they weren’t successful in the 60’s it panned out eventually.


This platooning could be infectious among the other players who knows? If Branyan starts going, it could be a domino effect. You never know. Maybe if Branyan gets into dancing lessons, than Marte will get into dancing lessons, and maybe Choo will get into dancing lessons. Who knows. I do think that Choo would be a pretty good dancer though… just a thought.



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I do see strikeouts happening with these guys. But I do see home runs being hit night after night. I don’t even know what pandemoneum will be present when Marte and Branyan are hot. If the Indians (Manny Acta) goes through with this, and I hope he/they will… then I think that the Indians will have a VERY productive first base. It’s almost like your getting an All Star to play first base for them.


I do think that this will pan out perfect. Russell Branyan played in 116 games last year while Marte played in 47. Together that will be 163 (one more than games played). So if you give or take away another game or two in either one of them’s stats, then you have a perfect season. That is why this platooning will work for them. It has to be like this in order for run production to take place.


I do believe that this team can flourish from a good platooning. This could effect the team in multiple ways. The team can feed off of a good first base performance and follow up in a good way. For example maybe Russell Branyan and Marte go on a hot streak. The whole team could feed off of that and maybe go into a month hitting great as a team. This situation could effect everything for the Indians. This is why I really like this idea.


I do thank savagetruth for the idea of platooning as he is a very smart individual. I do highly believe that the Indians should platoon in order to get more productivity out of the first base position. Manny Acta needs to meet this head on and needs to platoon. He can’t see through this. Andy and Russell might make a happy couple… for the Cleveland Indians. Until next time….


Go Tribe!


Time for Math – A Russell Branyan Flame-athon

Yes all of us Cleveland fans know that Russell Branyan has signed on with the Cleveland Indians.


Yes we know that he is capable of hitting 30 home runs.

russell branyan boo2.jpg******

Yes we know that he is also capable of 200 strikeouts


But is he capable of being heckled by Cleveland Indians fans? Absolutely! No one likes a guy who strikes out every two out of three times. Does he swing a bat or is it just imaginary in his hand? Whoops, (cheap shot). Okay here’s one you can ponder Russell, what’s the square root of 4? Now take that and add your age minus the injuries. What do you have?….


Your batting average.


Russell Branyan and the Curse of the Cleveland Indians

It took long enough… The Indians finally made a move that did something that might make a difference.


This is what I would’ve said if I were a bad fan “All I have to say is thank god Russell. We needed your acceptance to become an Indian. Yes, you will have those nights where you go 0-fer and stink up the dugout, but than there will be there nights where you go 4-4 with two home runs. Those 200 strikeouts will be evened out by your 25 to 30 home runs each year.”


And that’s where I would’ve been wrong. Yes Indians fans we can ponder how Branyan will do
lady gaga wierd.jpg this year thinking maybe he will hit 30 homers and drive in 80 if we’re lucky. It ain’t gonna happen. Sorry to break that bad news to you but, he had a crazy year last year, he played out of his mind. If he were to play like that again, than Lady Gaga would stop wearing her ugly outfits. I recently read this book called “The Curse of Rocky Colavito”. I don’t know if any of you have heard of it, but it talks about how the Indians are the most cursed franchise in all of sports.


No Cubs fans, not you…. us. Sam McDowell breaks to ribs throwing a fastball in September, 1961 and then goes on to become a drinker…. The Indians get Colavito back for Tommie Agee who becomes rookie of the year, and for Tommy John, who wins 286 afer being traded…. Ray Fosse and the infamous Pete Rose ordeal at the All Star Game in July 1970…. The Indians forfeit in June 1974 due to drunken fans going onto the field on “Beer Night”…. Cleveland hosts the All Star Game in July 1981 and the game is delayed due to player strike…. SI predicts the Tribe will win the pennant, and they go on to lose 101 games in 1987.


Just face it, Russell Branyan as you can see had a great year last year. And who’s to say he doesn’t this year? Well, in the paragraph before this one, I think you know why I don’t have my hopes up to high. I’m scared for the poor guys future, what’s it gonna be? An injured thumb playing Xbox? Could it be a broken collar bone fielding ground balls? Who knows…


The Curse of Rocky Colavito lives on.


~All info received on the Indians was received from the book “The Curse of Rocky Colavito” written by Terry Pluto~