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Sometimes – life sucks

There are times in baseball like last night for instance, where life just sucks! You don’t wanna turn on the tv to watch the game or you don’t wanna do anything. And the feeling that I get after last night, sucks! Many people say the word “sucks” but how many of that percentage say “life sucks?” Looks like the Indians were put in the timeout corner.


time out chari.jpg


For some reason the offense never wants to perform well when Laffey is on the hill. As Laffey went 8 strong giving up 3 earned runs the Indians

  • had three hits
  • scored 1 run to help
  • had only two guys themselves with hits

And to top that off the bullpen gave up 3 runs in the ninth just so we could put the game in the books without a possible “comeback” ready to take place. They are just making it hard on themselves!




Shin-Soo Choo was one of two people to have a hit, as he had a double and a homer to continue to add on to a wonderful season as is. If he really heats up, he could reach the 95 RBI mark. But why do we care, we are in last place? It would be cool to see him reach the feat seeing as how he is one guy that we are based on “building around” for next season. I am ready for him to keep on stepping forward and progressing.



Even though we completed a sweep of the O’s, it doesn’t mean we are gonna start “rolling” again. Ha like we ever will again. We suck this year, and I couldn’t see us beating the Royals in a “Poopy Bowl” series.




Our pitching has to get better. As I have said before – if we have guys like Laffey for instance who go out and throw a good eight innings getting the job done, you gotta get the “W” for them. And that has been the story all year long. Not getting the offense going while the pitching is on top of their game. It is a hard thing to do I understand – but it isn’t like we can’t. Yes we can!


yes-we-can-800px.pngLike last night’s game and the season – the Indians make life suck. But you can always get over it. You just gotta cross the line and take another step towards victory. 




So laugh all you want at the “laughing stock” of the majors, because in two years, you will be at your lowest of all time and guess what? We will be the best among the league. It is a dog eat dog world out there, and if you aren’t careful you can get hurt!




The whole picture is simple. A few tweaks here and there, and a few adjustments there and here. We just have to:

  1. Keep it in four-wheel drive
  2. Pick up a few crafty veterans along the way
  3. Hire a new coach
  4. Get a new philosophy here in Cleveland

That sounds like the right idea. So smile! We can do it.




Just remembering the good old days of 2007. We will be to that point of winning again sooner or later… hopefully sooner. Let’s just hope we don’t get this fella along the way.


lidge blows saves.jpg

Who’s to blame for all of this?

Opening thoughts: How does this look for 7 seasons? 2 winning seasons while only having one winning season at the end of the all star break. Does that mean anything to you? Does it call out and say “we aren’t going to always dig ourselves out of the trenches that we build!” Well it is time to say “Good bye” to the man that was a part of this, Eric Wedge.




Sometimes I really don’t get the man. He is quiet, and a self conscious little guy. But why does he make such stupidity become reality? Why does he turn a “phenomenal team” into a “slumping team?” I just don’t get it sometimes. And well, neither do the Indians! Its tough to fire someone, but the deed has to be done, rid of him and move on.




What was he thinking by sitting Michael Brantley while he “was on his 8 game hitting streak?” What was he thinking? Sometimes, when a guy is hot, and when a guy especially like Brantley likes to play every day possible, why do you sit him? What pops into your mind telling you “to take the chance, that nothing will go wrong.” What do you know? Brantley ends the streak at 8 games in his “next” game and starts over again.




Another Eric Wedge, boneheaded move right there. Get used to it! I don’t get the process of thinking sometimes. Why don’t we bring in our “best” guys in the bullpen instead of our “worst” of the line? Its always the question “why” with Eric. Why is Marte at third today? You know his number’s are bad.





The success level of 2 out of 7 winning seasons just isn’t exceptable, and in the 08 season, I know we finished 81-81 but that falls under “not winning.” But I like to go back and think, “what would we have been like if Manuel would have stayed here in Cleveland? What would have happened if we could’ve kept our ‘stars’?” You never will know…




For all we know, we could have had 5 out of 7 winning seasons, and a World Series title under our belts. And you know what, Eric can’t take all of the blame. Look at all of the guys we have traded over the years! Look at how we have all the young guys we have received and have taken their chance to show us what the have!




You know they all came in those trades too right? Bartolo Colon for Grady, Victor, Brandon Phillips, and Cliff Lee catches my eye. We still hold Grady, our key player that we are quote “building around.” If it wasn’t for Shapiro, we wouldn’t be “here” teetering at the good – bad line flirting with becoming great again.




Maybe we shouldn’t be “blaming” anyone at all. I mean Shapiro has gone in and traded most of our “key guys” but has also brought in ‘all’ of our key guys. Name one guy in our starting lineup that we have “brought up through the minors.” Oh you can’t? That means Mark Shapiro has done his job. He has lived up to his ever lasting “rebuilding stages.” He has showed me that he carries it out.




Maybe Wedge isn’t the one to falter, for he was the one to have to “deal with the young guys.” He has assembled a little army of fighting knights, and we aren’t going to stop til we reach the top. Wedge might not be here, but when we achieve greatness, he will be the one to blame, excuse me, thank.







We haven’t seen it yet, but we have great baseball at the touch of our hands. The voice is just calling to us, “wait another year, come on Cleveland, you can do it.” And by the looks of things, we are following every command. We “can” be great next year and we “can” have the potential in 2011, but who says we “will?”




And until that factor comes into play, don’t expect anything. As I have been saying this for the longest time, “we aren’t going to contend until we have the pitching.” We are only two strong in my opinion, with the 3rd on his side. Jake Westbrook “could” come back full steam ahead, and could come back to being the 15 win guy he always was.




And Fausto Carmona “could” get back to 07 form and dominate with his “nasty” sinker that he threw to get his top notch ground ball/fly ball ratio. Everyone “could” compete, which they did in 07, but it isnt’ a “guarantee.” Nothing is with the Indians. Aaron Laffey is looking better and better to me, just gaining experience with every outing. I think this kid is the “real deal” and we need to hold onto him tight and not let him go.



As I said in “the Centerpiece,” the Indians hold their key to destiny, which is right before them. And that is exactly the truth. The Indians aren’t gonna come out next year and “wow” you. They are too young. They might surprise by winning 75 to 80 games, but they won’t have a shot at contending. So if you think that they are “the odds to win favorite of the AL Central” you are wrong.






With speed atop the team with Brantley, Cabrera, Choo, and Grady, the Indians could steal a ton of bases, and could use some “small ball antics” to steal the hearts of the Central. But will it happen? I am not sure. It is realisticly possible, with Brantley stealing 46 in the minors, and with Grady stealing 30 when he is on his game. The speed factor can be checked off the list, as well as the “offense” portion.



And now moving on to the offense. We need to be “more consistant” at the plate. We can’t go off of 17 hits, and all of a sudden get 2. That just isn’t good enough for the major leagues, and isn’t good enough for the Indians themselves. Its time they let themselves fly, they just hang loose for a year. Its time they make some dramatic changes in the clubhouse. We need a guy who can control the team and be a “leader” that shows signs of intensity.



With Santana possibly coming up next year for “Sept. call ups” we could be getting a look at our future catcher, and a possible MVP for years to come. From his ridiculous double A numbers, to his strong arm, he is the real deal head to toe. If we can get a hold of him by next year at the MLB level, and then broaden him for the 11′ season, oh you better be looking out Central, cuz we will be gunning for the top spot.




Its time “we” win for a change. 2011 is bright looking and we “could” be the winner’s of the Central, and we “could” be the cellar dwellers too. But who is to know unless we find out. Hey, if you just keep on dreaming, 2011 will come by soon right? C’mon Cleveland, its all in your own hands.

We officially “suck”

I knew the day was going to be bad when I woke up and lazily jumped into my morning shower. I got dressed and ready for school only awaiting another disastrous day. It was like I knew it all along like I was going Matrix this morning. It seemed like I wasn’t me,.. and nor were the Indians.


One big fat word for you: swept. We got swept by the Texas Rangers – and today seemed like we could’ve cared less for all of the 15,000 in the stands. 10-0 tells me that we didn’t put forth enough effort to survive the cold world of this business. And for Fausto Carmona – he kept us 5 runs in the ball game this time. Congrats buddy, even better than last time.


It was like no one was in it today – it seemed like today was an odd day (9-9/09) was fresh under way jinxing the Indians winning ways – and the chance for some fun at the ball-park. The offense sure didn’t have it, and for that matter nor did John Adams. It wasn’t a fun day at all, to come home and see the Indians lose 10-0.



That is a big number to lose by, which leaves a sour note in my stomach. Do the Indians have enough pitching to hold up next year? They haven’t been the consistent. My answer is “no they don’t.” Next year they aren’t going to be good enough and Cleveland and Ted will have to wait another wretched, gagging year to swallow down.


It isn’t fair that we fans have to endure this. We will get expected to win the Central all over again – only to blow are chances like we always do. We will pick up those go-to guys in the off-season, only to trade them midway through. That is our MO, that’s what we always do. That is the life of Cleveland baseball.


This three game sweep that has drought-ed upon us has surely knocked out next years hopes in Ted’s mind. For even I, with a strong belief in the Indians can’t go on much longer with this mediocre squad. The pain building in the lower stomach area brings forth so much pressure on one’s self it hurts. The pain-staking thought of another bad Indians season rocks the inner brain and rots it to the core.


We don’t deserve this, us poor innocent fans who regularly attend Progressive Field. The continuous losing of the mind jolting Cleveland Indians. What happened to the movie “Major League?” Why couldn’t we all of a sudden have that same moment of “ah, I get it. Now we can win?” Why couldn’t we have another season that we come back and bring some Indian Fever back to the town who deserves it?



Why can’t we sing “Hang on Sloopy” with pride during the eighth inning? It can all come back in a flash Cleveland. Hold onto your seats – cuz it will shock you when it happens. If it could only be 2007 again. What a year in Indians history. 96 wins, with Pronk having a stud year only to come through in the playoffs.


It all comes back to this loss we endured, 10-0. That doesn’t show a true team going out and getting beat 10-9, it shows a bunch of nuts who just aren’t on their game. It sickens me to think about how bad we really are. I think we officially get the term “suck,” added to our name. We are now the Cleveland “We Suck” Indians.


We almost, suck right now, as bad as the Browns do. We continue to dig holes for ourselves only to take half the season to climb back out of them. Here’s a stat for you : Eric Wedge has only had one winning first half of the season in his entire career – which means obviously he and the Tribe dig a huge hole that needs climbing out of.


Here’s the memo if you missed it Eric : It’s called start playing good in the first half or get fired! And I am being straight to the point – I can rant all I want but that doesn’t change anything. That doesn’t change the way the Indians play which sucks, because I am so devoted. Here it is straight to you : If the Indians have a winning first half – they will make the playoffs. Just like they did in 2007 – AKA the only year they had a winning first half.




You have to look at the big picture. If you go into the second half with a sub .500 record and the team leading your division is 8 games over – in this case the Tigers, you got a lot of catching up to do. That is what we do every year. We have to scratch, tear, and climb ourselves out of these holes we dig.


It isn’t like our division is the AL East, in fact we have one of the easiest divisions in baseball right now, if not THE easiest. Detroit is leading the division with a 75-62 record, which is pretty decent. But to tell you the truth – they have started turning it on recently. We were only a good 11 games back about 2 weeks ago.


I am taking it step by step now – as are the Indians. Making sure to keep going on the right road, nothing sloppy or in the wrong direction. So tomorrow, I will shake off the tiredness and jump in the shower with enthusiasm – and then see what happens. You never know what could happen, it is sometimes a game of luck.


You know what they say : “People with good attitudes are always winners.” And that could be the case for the Indians and Ted. I hope that is the case as I will be the best morning person in all of my life these next few weeks, and then see how it plays out. Come on Cleveland, we need you!!


–Ted “TTW/T” —