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Andy and Russell, a happy couple


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Thanks to my good friend savagetruth who commented on last post, he had the idea that Andy Marte and Russell Branyan should platoon at first base. And he is absolutely correct about the 40 HR possiblity. That was a genious comment, and I would like to say thanks for the idea, and thanks for letting me post on it. It makes perfect sense.


Russell Branyan hit 31 homers last year while Andy Marte only had 6. But if you take the time when Marte was hot and the time when Branyan was hot you have two oiled machines. You put them together and then you have one super oiled machine. With all that oil you can produce a good 40 homers or so. Yes fans this is a wonderful idea don’t you agree?


I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this. This idea is so simple yet so hidden. With Marte’s struggle at times, Branyan could take the weight off of his shoulders. While during the time Branyan is getting pitched well, Marte can come in and take the chip off of his shoulder. I also think that Marte can come in against lefties. The other idea could be for Marte to only play when lefties are on the mound.


Marte is not a very good hitter against righties but against lefties he’s halfway decent. Since 2007, he’s increased in homers and he is looking better and better the more I see him. The reason that Marte hasn’t produced those HUGE numbers in just one year is because of the fact that he only plays about 50 games a year. If you take the 6 homers he hit in those 47 games he played in you can use that to calculate about eh 21 homers in a full season.



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So if you platoon Marte and Branyan your going to get some production out of it. I think it makes perfect sense, and as a Tribe follower for years this finally came to me and said “great idea”. I totally understand where savagetruth is coming from and I agree that platooning these two is the best thing to do. They are both “power hitters” and do rack of their fair share of strikeouts. But that’s not the point. Together as I have stated, they can produce about 40 home runs and 90 RBI’s.


As if the fact that you used one of them you might get 30 homers from Branyan with 70 RBI’s and 5 homers and 20 RBI’s with Marte. Going just with one can lead to slumps, and alot of bad games over all leading with no productiveness and maybe a bad year for either Marte or Branyan. But with the combo I can see new beginnings in Cleveland. Just like they platooned when they weren’t successful in the 60’s it panned out eventually.


This platooning could be infectious among the other players who knows? If Branyan starts going, it could be a domino effect. You never know. Maybe if Branyan gets into dancing lessons, than Marte will get into dancing lessons, and maybe Choo will get into dancing lessons. Who knows. I do think that Choo would be a pretty good dancer though… just a thought.



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I do see strikeouts happening with these guys. But I do see home runs being hit night after night. I don’t even know what pandemoneum will be present when Marte and Branyan are hot. If the Indians (Manny Acta) goes through with this, and I hope he/they will… then I think that the Indians will have a VERY productive first base. It’s almost like your getting an All Star to play first base for them.


I do think that this will pan out perfect. Russell Branyan played in 116 games last year while Marte played in 47. Together that will be 163 (one more than games played). So if you give or take away another game or two in either one of them’s stats, then you have a perfect season. That is why this platooning will work for them. It has to be like this in order for run production to take place.


I do believe that this team can flourish from a good platooning. This could effect the team in multiple ways. The team can feed off of a good first base performance and follow up in a good way. For example maybe Russell Branyan and Marte go on a hot streak. The whole team could feed off of that and maybe go into a month hitting great as a team. This situation could effect everything for the Indians. This is why I really like this idea.


I do thank savagetruth for the idea of platooning as he is a very smart individual. I do highly believe that the Indians should platoon in order to get more productivity out of the first base position. Manny Acta needs to meet this head on and needs to platoon. He can’t see through this. Andy and Russell might make a happy couple… for the Cleveland Indians. Until next time….


Go Tribe!


All of our teams have players that can consistently hit well or players that don’t make a single error. But to face the facts, we all have liablities somewhere in our lineups. You can’t deny it either. Every single team has a liablity throughout them. It just so happens that the Indians have well… in lack of a better phrase A TON! Baseball is a game of liabilities and the team with the least throughout the season wins.


Grady Sizemore just came off an injury infested season. His shoulder bothered him throughout his swing, and all he could do is pull the ball. If Sizemore doesn’t get back to normal, the Indians will be getting a chunk bit out of them this season. Grady needs to be the best he can be as a leadoff hitter, but in Acta’s case the 2 hitter. (more on this later) If he can’t produce, than the Indians offense I predict will slump with him.


grady homers.jpg


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It seems as though when Sizemore is going good that the Indians offense follows I guess its like monkey see, monkey do, but that’s just me. Grady is definetely a leader in the clubhouse and really helps out the young guys. He steps up when needed and when he is healthy can give pitchers fits. But the liability behind the whole “package deal” is the fact that he strikes out too much, and no one knows where to put him in the lineup. At times he can go with little striking out, but in some circumstances he can strike out far too much which doesn’t seem promising.


When you put Grady in the leadoff spot, he is comfortable there and it seems as though he is more of a hitter. He takes the first pitch of the game so that he can see what the pitcher has and can feel better standing in the box than he would in any other spot in the order. I don’t like the 2nd spot though. Yes Grady can put a bunt down when needed to move a runner, and can also get things started, but he can’t hit the ball the opposite way. The biggest factor in this whole baffling process is that Grady can’t hit for contact. So the 2 spot is not for him.


But oh Manny Acta would like to differ. He thinks that Grady is a shoe in for the two spot and that Asdrubal Cabrera should be the leadoff hitter. Which brings me to another liability,… coaching. I don’t see why Acta thinks that Grady is such a wonderful 2 hitter. He strikes out way to much and like I said can’t go the other way while Cabrera can hit all fields and strikes out a miniscule number of times. I don’t understand the thought process.




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It’s almost like he’s thinking backwards. Already on my bad side, which is not good counting that we’re not even through the first Spring Training game this year. If anything at all Grady should be at the 3 or 4 spot but 2? What the heck is this guy thinking? Maybe he’ll figure it out during the season when the Indians aren’t producing like he “figures” they will.


I think the biggest liability in Cleveland right now is there young arms. Yes, Jake Westbrook is feeling healthy. And yes I am excited. But it all comes down to the same questions, “Will he produce?” and “Will he play through the injury?”. I would have to say he will produce for the pitching staff, but he’s not going to turn them into a team that is the top pitching staff in the league. Of course, he could come into the season and just stink it up. We don’t know what he is and isn’t going to do yet.


I think that Westbrook has a good chance of being the two guy in the rotation. Maybe others disagree, but until Westbrook proves me wrong, I think he should be glued into that spot. Acta probably disagrees, and that’s why I hate em. As long as Westbrook fights for a good season and gives us 9 or 10 wins, I will be proud to bring him back. And no I won’t bash on him if he doesn’t do so well, the guy is injured give him a break.


jake westbrook.jpg


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Fausto Carmona also makes me wonder… where did this guy go? Now two bad years after almost being the Cy Young award winner in 07. I just wanna know how a guy can go from so good to so bad. His control was amazing during 2007, and during the offseason he got into some bad habits. He walks too many people now, and his sinker is finding it’s way up in the zone. He’s a huge liability and could be the difference in finishing last in the Central or 2nd (I’m thinking it’s gonna be close).


Suppose David Huff continues to pitch well as he did last year, and our bullpen does not let us lose an extra ten games, then I think that we’ll be okay. But these things are all liabilities and they could go in either direction. As you can see the Indians have many liabilities, suprise suprise. Let’s just try and cut back on a few heading into 2011. I might have a better attitude. Just put on your headresses and paint your faces like chief wahoo cause the seasons a’comin. Good luck, and until next time…


Go Tribe!!  

Junior Baseball Magazine

Thanks to all of you that were reading my blog while I was gone.  I will do some posting while I can and I will keep you all company.  By the way, I got published in the January edition of Junior Baseball magazine.  If you want to view my article, go to http://www.juniorbaseball.com/ and check it out.  I wrote about how you can’t ever count out the small guy. 

Things aren’t always what they seem

The multitude of people who watched the Twins game last night, whinged at the way the Yankees clawed their way back into the ball game. What is it with them and their comebacks, are they just too good?

No, they aren’t, but with a crowd like that on an occasion, one has to believe that they will get the job done. The Yankees are a single-step-institution which is aimed towards the taking of the World Series Championship, and this year, they ain’t lettin’ any cinderella-story burst their bubble just to knock them out of the playoffs.

Ain’t no way Jose.

The blustering Yankees seem to always have a teams number in the latter innings – with last nights walk-off magic as some call it. But for what good does it do the fans? I know Jane from Confessions of a She-Fan sure wasn’t so proud of the way her Yankees played win or lose. The fact of the matter is, (the team that was “too good” for everyone else, let a small ball team stay in the game for too long.)

The effect it has is huge, if the Yankees can’t beat teams like the Twins, they won’t ever be able to beat teams like the Dodgers, thus ending their tumultuous scheme.



In my opinion, the Yankees will get knocked out in the ALDS. Why? Simple. A team like the Angels have given up 1 run to the Red Sox, an offense that lives off of teams in the ALDS to fuel their compactor for the ALCS. But what gives? Could the Angels be that good this year?

Yes. For one of the best offensive teams in the major leagues has gotten the short end of the stick in both games.

And the Yankees fans are just brewing up a storm right now reading this, “Ted you jerk, you have no clue what you are talking about, you one sided Indians fan!” Yes, I do know what I am talking about. For doesn’t it protrude to one that almost all Yankee fans think “their” team is the best. Yes they have the most money, you win. But still… that doesn’t make you the best team out there.

The Angels are going to win the World Series,… and Yankees fans “You aren’t so good after all.”


** Note – this is a thread for all fans. What are your thoughts on the Yankees? Are they just that good?**

Ted’s Take

“Why are there so many off days in the play-offs? There are less games, and then there’s so much time with like two games at once. Why is that? Are the people in power just being irritating?”

— Caroline Roig-Irwin



Interesting questions Caroline.

We all do hate this long post-season that seems to run on like the Mississippi itself, but there is reason for this. Heck, there is reason for everything around here.

This is like a little kid asking “Why are there so many days of school?” There is no one answer, but many. But if you want my opinion I will give it to you. The main reason for these days off are for resting periods, and for many days of preparation for the next game. If you played back to back to back games, what would be the use of a short post season?

Waiting longer gives us fans more of a thrill watching the games, and more of a chance to really investigate the situation. The whole “thing” to this game is to win the World Series. I just don’t see it being that exciting and excruciating if there are back to back games in the play-offs.

The regular season wears away players on its own like a band-saw wears away wood, and to play daily playoff games is like asking NFL players to play daily themselves.

Yes I do hate the long awaited series that seem to play on for weeks, but it has to happen.

If not, many players will be joining the European leagues. Lord knows what awaits them there… Oh gosh, nightmares. But the reason we don’t play back to back in the play-offs is for pitchings’ sake. If pitchers had to go back to back days, then the whole rotation would be messed up. Teams like the Red Sox would have to use all 5 of their semi-weakened rotation, instead of 3 of their top pitchers. It just wouldn’t be worth the watching.

So Caroline – just try and wait it out. Baseball is long and is a waiting process. 162 games is a wait too. We all have to get through this.


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Frat boy living in a baseball world

The Detroit Tigers have had enough bumps in the road this season. From the Minnesota Twins – to their blundering collapse, they now have to win tonight just to even enter the postseason. But who would’ve thought that their best hitter was boozing until happiness? Just another reason to root against the Tigers.



miguel-cabrera.jpgFriday night Miguel Cabrera had a blood-alcohol level of 0.26 and was noted as “immature” and “out-of line.” But since when does this man hit the hooch? Since when does Miguel get a great time after popping a few beers into his system? Just another reason for the Tigers to falter in the playoffs. There is nothing that I wouldn’t want to see more than this if I were a Tigers fan. Such stupidity mixed with vulgarity meshing together to form one huge side story that can be used against the Tigers in their crashing playoff hopes. Having a few beers is okay, and maybe if you pop a good four into your system it isn’t bad, but if you have a huge game against the Twins to keep the chances alive, what is the point?

For fun?

This isn’t a college frat house Miguel, I am sorry. If you wanna go and enjoy the good old days, go back to some kick-*** parties and join the U again. If you want to stay and live the good life, I suggest you stay in the major leagues.

The lack of effort to keep his act on the field shows what a “real” team player he is. It is just ridiculous to spend your hours downing some with friends, actually opponents (Chicago White Sox.) Good times are always fun to live by, but when you go over the limit and over the top, you should pay a price. If I were the Tigers, I would bench you by all means. Jim Leyland and his tar-ridden lungs should show you the back of his hand. You and your $152.3 million contract.

Clean up your act, or hit the road frat boy!


The flame-athon Albert Belle style

“Dolan is getting what he paid for. Every time I watch a game in Cleveland, there’s nobody in the stands. I said, ‘Damn, it’s worse than the old place [Cleveland Municipal Stadium] where we played.’ What do they call that park now, Progressive Field? They should call it Regressive Field. I’ve got buddies in Cleveland who had free tickets to games this season. They told me, ‘We’re not going. Who are you going to watch?’ ” – Albert Belle



Your cool, to throw down on a team wounded by the scars of lost chances, and tons of mental tears due to long seasons only to be ended at the harsh foot of the Central. You are right, Dolan did do this to the team. But there was a reason. We did “clean house” and that was for a reason. We want to start over fresh, on a new foot, one that we can actually win on. You can use your cruel jokes to take us down another level, but does that make you cool?

I think not.

The negative output that has been tossed onto this dog pile of a season has really weighed down the front office, but does that give guys like Albert Belle chances to make jokes and cruel statements about our success rate? No! Albert was probably drained by the days when he played where the Indians were “the team” kind of like the Yankees. Albert isn’t used to this hard living baseball economy that we trance around in these days.

Yes Albert, Dolan really has made this team into one of the worst in the league, but he has traded players for the future of the organization. If you look at the ‘Victor Martinez trade’ where we sent him to the Red Sox for Masterson and Hagadone, you don’t really see the “catch” of the whole deal. But see, the organization at whole is one clever four leaf clover, and we don’t do everything so the fans can personally “see it.”

So what I am getting at is maybe we cleared the pathway for Santana at catcher, and maybe Victor was all just a bump in the road of getting there. Go ahead Albert, you can make comments all you want, but in turn – you don’t know your baseball.

You are just a meat head who goes around and says anything he wants these days, don’t join half of the athletes in this crazy world.

It is pathetic to see such an idol de-idolize himself like this.

When you want to talk baseball, make proper comments and don’t flame on your own team. That just makes “you” look bad. You dropped the bomb on the Cleveland Indians, and now the war has begun. Flame on thee, and thou shalt flame on you.

“So Albert – you think you can coach? You couldn’t coach the Yankees from a golf cart in Florida!!!” Try me.